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Home remedies for skin rash/itching?

Im asking this for my brother, he just called & asked me if I knew anything to help w/this...short of baking soda + water = paste, & topical (human) hydrocortisone, thats all I got.

He has an American Fox Hound, so her hair is coarse & medium length. I couldn't talk long to him (I was at a race) so I didn't get much information about what she may have gotten into.

Does anyone have any recs? TIA!

*edit: also told him Benadryl..

Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14


Re: Home remedies for skin rash/itching?

  • I know it's probably the obvious, but has it tried giving her benadryl? Our dogs get itchy from time to time, sometimes even breaking out in hives to various outdoor allergens...benadryl always seems to help. 
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  • Yes, I forgot to add that I told him Benadryl

    Thanks tho!

    Cooper age 8, Taylor age 14

  • Benadryl does nothing for my dog. As far as a home remedy all I can think of is you can put a little apple cider vinegar in the water, if you google it you can read all the benefits. My dog wasn't a fan of that though. I give my dog fish oil pills in her food every morning to help her coat, but the best remedy has been the hydrocortisone spray that you can get at a pet store.
  • I give my dog fish oil pills. you can buy them in the medicine aisle of any pet store. Although warning: My dog gets the rash between May and October...last year I started to give him the pills around June and it didn't do much for him. This year I started in March and gave him one every day...rash never showed up. I think it works best if you don't let them get the rash in the first place.
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