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  • I read that if you pour Coke down your toilets they will be shiny white...worth a try for about a dollar a bottle....
  • Have you tried the scrubbing bubbles toilet bowl gels..they seem to help (prolong) the time in between having to scrub...but I don't really like the smell of them, and not sure if they would help with the hard water thing or not...but maybe try?
  • image Cortney1982:

    We got Rust Guard bowl cleaner it's for rust and hard water stains.  They are these white tablets that you put in the tank.   We put one in and the next day all the stains from inside the tank were gone!  It keeps the bowl clean too.  The bowl never looks dirty but I scrub it every week.

    This. I haven't used this but in homes where I have had this problem I keep a Clorox or other brand tablet that you drop in tank to keep it clean and it works.

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  • We have hard water in our home and even with a water softener system that constantly need salt I have issues with our toilet and shower I have found for the toilet that putting iron out in the back of the toilet where the water fills up and letting it soak over night once a day until its clean helped a ton but to clean it a toilet bowl cleaner called "the works" I found at the dollar store in addition to the regular toilet bowl cleaner works wonders.... You can also try those tabs like 2000 flushes. The problems most likely coming from the tank. 
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