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Is WW really this easy?

I am finishing my first week of ight watchers and will weigh in tomorrow. I haven't been on a diet in many years (spent the last four years having babies and nursing) but in my day I tried and succeeded with many diets- Lindora, south beach, Atkins etc. I have about ten or twelve lbs to lose right now.

Any who I just can't believe it is this easy. No depravation, no cutting out cookies, no stopping snacking. Is this really going to work? I did get extra points for nursing so that helped for certain but even still there were days I didn't even use all my points. I stayed within my points plus (I still have 20 weekly splurge allowance points left). I didnt have to eat fake food with artifical ingredients but I did make a few small changes (changed to a different brand of ice cream cookies and obviously I decreased the portion sizes of high cal treats and increased the portions of veggies etc- i stippped flat out binging on things but I still get to have them- just not the whole box of cookies). I just feel like it didn't hurt enough or something. I guess I'll see when I weigh in.

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Re: Is WW really this easy?

  • Weight watchers really works. Especially when you follow it as it is written. Are you getting your healthy guidelines in? (the multi vit, water, veggies, etc?) I have a hard time with those sometimes.

    I wish you the best of luck!

  • Hi , I'm new to the board so Ty for the response first off. I've been doing pretty well. I'm still on my pre natals so that has been automatic for me and I only drink water (maybe that is oneof the reasons why I feel like i have so many points? I only eat them- no diet soda or evencoffee for me they make me sick :(. I've been snacking on raw veggies (i love bab carrots). A few months ago I was doi a lot of emotional eating. When I had a rou day wi the kids I would just look forward to the moment they went to sleep and then eat a bowl (or two) of ice cream. Two months ago or so I changed the ice cream out for watermelon and I eat an absurd amount of watermelon when I am feeling like I want the ice cream which I know isn't aweose but it's better than ice cream, lol.

    One thing that is tough for me is that I am not able to eat any sort of artificial sweetener or fats (like margarine etc). So sometimes I feel like I am missing out on some of the super cool low points treats I hear about. But really I have been able to budget for the real things.
    Best of success to you too!

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  • I'm doing active link too- I'm excited to get out of the assessment stage and start getting points from it!
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  • Yes, it is really that easy.  I have been off and on with ww for a little over 3 years now and have been lifetime for a little over 2 years.  It is definitely not a crash diet, but a lifestyle change.  The only thing that I see that could become a problem is eating a lot of your weeklies, I know once I get down to goal and a bit below I have to watch out or else eating too many of those puts the weight right back on for me.  Good luck today at weigh in!

  • It's that easy, at least for me. I've been on it for five weeks and I'm skeptical before every weigh-in because I feel like I'm not dieting at all. But I've lost five pounds in five weeks - my most recent weigh-in was today and as usual, I couldn't believe it. Last week I hadn't lost weight during my weigh-in and I thought, "Ha! I knew it! Doesn't work." But that stubborn pound, plus another one came off before today.

    I eat my weeklies. Not all of them, but I do use them. There was an article on WW the other day about how you should not be afraid to use them. At first I thought that if I used my weeklies I would just be maintaining my weight, but no, I still lose it, even if I use all of them. I only did that one week, but it didn't seem to make a difference. 

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  • It really works! Good luck!
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  • I agree, it really is that easy. I started on WW in January and discontinued my membership in May. I still follow everything that I have learned on the plan and have lost 42 lbs since I began the journey. It is a lifestyle change, but if you keep that in mind and not think of it as a diet I think you can be very successful with this program. Good luck!
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