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Too tired to be creative Tuesday Randoms

I've never been the first one here before!  I get to start for the first time.

I want to go back to bed.  I had anxious brain keeping me awake all night.  I have a big one-time contract to do today, and it is one of those things you walk into not really knowing who is going to show up, what they are like, & whether you'll have the resources you need from the host organization.  I just have to wing it, be flexible, and make it through the two hours.  As long as the kids have fun, it will be a success.  Unknowns always make my head spin though.

After this, I'm actually on summer break, with no more work until after school starts up again in September.

Re: Too tired to be creative Tuesday Randoms

  • good luck Zebe!

    I'm wishing I had taken more vacation this summer. We have the pictured rocks camping trip in a few weeks but I didn't get much chance to relax this season. Work has been super busy and my fall schedule is already getting packed. 

  • Technically I had 8 weeks off from my main school contract this summer.  However with all my other clients still going, and this special one, plus leading camps for church & such, I now have only the next 1.5 weeks that really resemble time off.  Summer just flew by way way too quickly.  I hate when it is over before it starts!
  • I know exactly what you mean about summer going way too fast.  I feel like I never had a "summer".  Too busy!  I have a week off beginning Friday afternoon, and I can't wait.  I need to be away from this place for a while.   
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  • I slept about 4 hours last night. My mind wouldn't shut down. I've made a list of things that I can start packing right away and once I have more boxes. Part of me is tempted just to pack what we want/need and leave the rest behind. We new this was coming but it still is a shock when it does. 
  • I'm sorry Deeder.  Hopefully you can put all of this behind you soon, and move forward and move onto good things :-)  Everything will work out. 
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  • I so want to go back to bed too. M got up at 2 am this morning to go to work early (he's doing this too on Thursday) so that he can get a lot more stuff done when customers aren't there so he can leave early Friday to go see the girls for the weekend. I have the weekend to myself but no plans :( I hope I don't get bored the whole weekend and have nothing to do. I haven't felt like this has been a summer at all either - haven't had any time off, etc.
  • I just reposted my parents mustang on craigslist again and also posted it Detroit, Lansing, Zoo and Holland.
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