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Combining His Stuff and Hers

My husband and I have been married since 2007 and every place we get we have been cluttered. We still have clothing from high school that we don't wear. Now that we are back into a studio it seems like well never be able too get the place clean. Where should we start to make our home look like it reflects both and it really neat and clean



Re: Combining His Stuff and Hers

  • Both of you make three piles, donate/sell, use, keep/store. The most important pile is what you use (dishes, pictures for the wall, etc.). What ends up in the use pile will help fill the studio and blend the two of you together. Maybe kind of hodge podge but it'll work and start feeling like home. Get rid of the donate and you can always donate more things from use or store at a later date. As for the store/ keep pile in a studio it's best to have a tiny storage unit (if you can afford one). That way when you do move into a bigger place you will have room for these things. 


    Debide the task into sections. Work on the kitchen, bathroom, closet and bedroom/ living space separately. The task won't seem as daunting then. Purge a little every year of what you don't use/want and you'll be fine.  

  • My suggestion is to check out  This site has really helped me to de-clutter our home and keep it looking warm and cozy.  Start slow and follow the baby-steps Marla suggests!
  • Divide your cleaning work in a way where both will get involve in cleaning without interfering in each other work to avoid disputes, but support and care for each other must be there after all mutual understanding works in every work.
  • I have done decluttering many times.  The most organized way is to do the 3 pile system (keep, donate, trash).  Only work on 1 area at a time. 

     For clothes, if you have not worn it once during an entire season get rid of it. You likely will never wear it again.

     For kitchen and household items...if you have more than what you need like an extra table lamp, keep the one the best fits with both of your styles.

     If studio living is temporary I would consider a storage unit to store items you may end up buying again once you move into a larger space.  Of course you have to take into account the value of the items in the unit versus the cost of storing it there.  Sometimes you are better off getting rid of it and buying new again.

  • You just have to be brutal and honest with yourself.  If you haven't worn something for a season, get rid of it.  My FI and I are struggling with similar things--we have a small house, and both of us have accumulated things that take up too much space. 
    @Patty:  That website looks great!  Thanks for sharing!
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