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Open letters

Dear H's cousin,

It's really great that you and your new boyfriend (ya know, the one you brought uninvited to our wedding while you were still married that no one knew existed) are on a weight loss kick. Regardless, not one single ** is given about your stupid Vi shakes, which aren't actually good for you anyhow. OF COURSE you lost 15 plus pounds, you are starving yourself. Furthermore, the shirtless before and after pics, for the love of sweet little baby Jesus in a manger, STOP.


someone who actually goes to the gym. 

Re: Open letters

  • Dear crazy pants (aka my boss),

    I'm tired of  doing your job for you. I'm also extremely tired of being a tech, pharmacist and pharmacy manager. I know you're "doing all you can" but when you leave me alone to handle all your messes with 2 new people and a floater....not helpful. You make me hate my job and make me want to cry at work. I wish I could call in for the next two weeks just to spite you. But since my momma raised me better than that, I will show up to work and continue to do all the things you can't figure out how to do.


    Fed up and exhausted.

  • Dear School, 

    I hate how you dropped me and and consider me a drop out. I tried working with you to finish last quarter but couldn't because you dropped me from all my classes I was working on with the instructors to finish. I am a drop out because of you. I know I said I needed to take a quarter off and would be back the quarter after but you have now made that extremely difficult. All this exit paperwork and money you are now demanding from me. Why do I owe you money a few weeks after "dropping out"? I never got a bill asking for money from you while in school. Now because of the exit paper work I have to go through the entire application process again! I may not be able to get in again to your school because of this. When did you change your policies? It was never this hard before I went to your school. No one I know had this issue. I am sick! I'm not quitting just because. You knew this too before you screwed me over. 


    Disgruntled ex-student 

  • Dear coworker,

    Thank you for coming back from vacation.  I honestly don't understand how you get your job done without going crazy.  Every time I cover for you I am so busy I don't have time to breathe.  I stayed late every single night I was covering for you (including staying until 9pm on Friday!).



    Honestly amazed at how you do it all

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  • Dear coworker,

    Your ADD is making me a little ADD. Please share some of your meds so I can deal with you... 

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  • Dear Cousin,

    You talked non-stop about your wedding during each of my events (my bridal shower and even at my own wedding).  Everything always has to be about you.  You are extremely young, unstable and, one month after your wedding, you are pregnant.  Could you not wait a little bit and enjoy being young and married with your husband?!  You can barely get into bars.

    I was going to surprise our side of the family this Saturday with my news and now I assume all you will be doing is talking about your pregnancy because you and your mother/grandmother only know how to talk about yourselves.

    Thank you for ruining yet another moment of mine -- even though this one might not be necessarily intentional.  If you even mention "how great" it will be to be pregnant and have children at the same time, I might smack you.


    You're Killing Me Here

  • Dear H,

    Thank you for being so sweet right now, making dinner for me since it is really difficult to maneuver around the kitchen with this-here-fractured-heel-and-crutches.  What is especially sweet is that you keep asking me how to do things so they turn out as good as I make them. In moments like this, I really feel both taken care of and appreciated at the same time.


    Your thankful wife

    TTC #1 since 1/12
    BFP 12/13/12 * EDD 08/24/2013 * MMC CONFIRMED 1/23/13
    TTGP Blog - A Good Read!
  • Dear ILs,

    I have only ONE WEEK to pack up my house and get ready to move. You have TWO WEEKS after this where we still paid you rent that you can work on the damn house. That's nice that you want to have new tenants move in the day after we leave. Most likely that won't happen though!

    Plus it's not my fault you've decided now that you have to rush to get done the work we wanted you to do MONTHS AGO like refinishing our deck. Leave me the efff alone so I can pack without you annoying the efff out of me and I can spend a few minutes alone with H before I have to live apart from him for a few weeks.


    It's time to cut the fuuuuucking cord and leave us alone.

    P.S. That's nice that you want to come visit. You can't come down until we tell you to and you cannot stay for 2 weeks in our apartment. HELL NO.

    (Can you tell they just left and I'm angry?)

  • Dear SIL,

    Call me petty but an apology for being late would have been nice.  I try to be understanding here because either my alarm hasn't gone off in the past or I've silenced it and gone back to sleep without knowing but this isn't the first time.  I've almost been late to work a few times because "your alarm didn't go off" and you weren't here to watch the kid so I could get to work.

     It's great that you're helping us out but we're helping out out too by paying you while you watch your nephew over the summer and I really need you to be reliable or else that money needs to go elsewhere.

    <a href="http://www.kristyanddon.weebly.com">-[Wedding Recap]-
  • Dear boss,

    Thanks for being an idiot making our schedule so I'm stuck cashiering on my last 2 shifts at work.

    No love,

    One of your SUPERVISORS, not a cashier.

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