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Red stains in carpet

So I just returned back from my honeymoon, and for the two weeks immediately preceding and following the wedding we had some college friends staying over at our apartment (both for the company and to save them some $$$ on hotel rooms).

Now, at some point after my husband and I left on our honeymoon, one of these house guests spilled some sort of red beverage (perhaps an energy drink) on the carpet. It looks like they tried to clean it, but ultimately failed. I purchased a deep carpet cleaner (was going to get one anyways) and have managed to bring the stain down to a light pink. However, its still visible and I don't feel like paying the apartment manager to have the place recarpeted when we move out.

 So, does anybody out there have any good hints to deal with red stains when they are no longer new? Maybe, since I got the color down several shades, I should just keep doing what I'm doing and apply more elbow grease?

 Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks! 


Re: Red stains in carpet

  • Well that certainly wasn't a very 'welcome home' surprise. I hope this will work for you. I've used it on red kool-aid.

    Mix equal amounts of ammonia and hot water. Spray the stain. Take a towel and place over the stain. Go over the towel with an iron on its highest setting and watch the stain transfer! It was amazing. I did this 5 or 6 times over the stain and it was gone. It was an old stain too! Test in an area first.

    Good luck and congrats on your recent wedding!

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  • To their credit, everything else in the apartment was very clean and picked up. I imagine the red stain was a bit of a puzzler to them, though.

     Anyways, I will try your trick! If it worked for Kool-aid, it should work for Powerade (what we decided was the culprit) since I'm sure they use the same types of dyes. Thanks! 

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