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Moving and packing

I think I mentioned that I got a new job...well, that means moving an hour away.  We're moving on August 10, but going on a camping trip all for all of next week.  People keep asking if I've started packing for the move yet and I haven't!!!  So now I feel like a slacker.  Problem is, we live in a teeny 1 bedroom apartment.  I don't know where to store the boxes as I pack them, since we still have 3 weeks to live in this place!  Not to mention, I need to pack for the camping trip first.

Am I waiting too long?  I figured that I have 10 full days to pack after the trip...that should be plenty right??  



Re: Moving and packing

  • 10 days should be enough if you don't have a lot and use everything on a regular basis. 

    I start packing for a move by putting what we don't use regularly first. As I pack I purge what we no longer need/ use. The last things packed is what I would pack in a suitcase for a vacation and the bed. 

    Packing goes quicker for us when we are both involved.  

  • I had just over a week to pack up my studio apartment last year.  I think you'll be fine.  But maybe start packing some things, like books and out of season clothes and keep the boxes in a corner or a closet?  Or put the clothes in a suitcase, so they aren't taking up any more room than they already are.

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  • Thanks ladies.  H will help me, it's just that I'm not working right now and he is, so it's easier for me to do most of it and for him to pitch in when he can.  I was going to start with books and our storage closet.  I also plan to pitch stuff we don't even use.  I can work on that this week too.  It'll be fine, just a busy 10 days!! 
  • We moved on 6/15.  The weekend of 6/2, my cousin had her wedding.  The weekend of 6/9, a friend had a wedding 5 hours away.  I was so stressed because it was the final weekend before moving and I was 5 hours away doing NOTHING toward packing.

    We packed a little at a time.  It also helped that we had a lot of the clutter already packed and in a storage unit in order to sell the old townhouse. We eventually took down the dining room table and started stacking all of the boxes in the "dining room" area of the townhouse.

    Packing/Moving is the worst IMO.  I hope everything goes well for you!!  If you live near a Starbucks, find out their delivery day and ask them to save you boxes.  They are the best packing boxes ever!

  • We just moved ourselves and it was a rude awakening! We didn't think we had that much stuff, but I'm still shocked at how much we own. When you're in a small apartment, you don't think there's much to pack, but there is! So I definitely think you should start now - at least with the smaller things. Plus this way you're not overwhelmed later. 

    And for storing - we took apart our dining room table, leaned it against the wall and stored all the boxes in the dining room. Or if you have a balcony, perhaps you can put boxes there?

  • Lol...every little bit of space is taken.  Our balcony is covered with H's tomato plants and bikes, our 'dining room' is really just an extension of the living room, our closets are so full you can barely get into them.

     I am going to start today though.  I'm going to clean off bookshelves and start going through my clothes and packing dishes that we won't need in the next three weeks, like serve ware.  I know it's going to be a lot of work, I just don't want to do it!  And I don't want my house overtaken by boxes!

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