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I've been married since June 10, 2012 and it has been wonderful and worth all the stress of planning a wedding.  Our wedding was beautiful and I am so very happy.

Re: Introduction

  • Congrats!! I agree, all the stress and craziness is definitely worth it. I felt like the day went by so fast, but it was everything I could've hoped for. I wasn't nervous, just excited. :) So what are the details of your wedding? Colors, number of people, location? I love hearing about everyone's big day. :)

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  • I agree, once I walked down the aisle everything was perfect, I was just so happy to be getting married.  It was a wonderful day. We had about a 150 people,traditional ceremony in the south suburbs of Chicago.  My colors were coral and black.  Yours?
  • image londi42:
      My colors were coral and black

    Great combo! 

    Our colors were red and black with white accents :)

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  • Congratulations.  We have been married for 3 years now.  We planned our wedding for 2 years.  So it was a long thought out process.  However, we still think back to how wonderful that day was.  We laugh about any lil imperfections that we remember occurring.  We had 200 guests and they didn't have a clue when things went wrong just us. Our colors were red, black, and white with Mickey & Minnie Wedding stuff since I am a Disney fanatic.  

    Wishing you both all of the best.  Just remember that the wedding is the beginning and not the ending.  You have to create your happily ever after each and every day. Some days are easier than others.  Best of luck to you and your H.  

  • We had variations of purple and silver. It felt very "spring-like" and that was exactly what I was going for. We had about 200 people, mostly family, and it was held outside of Sacramento, CA on a balcony overlooking a park. I had 5 bridesmaids, two of which were MOH's because I have two sisters, and I had 8 jr bridesmaids, who were all me and my hubby's little cousins. The bridesmaids wore dark purple dresses, and half the jr bridesmaids wore lavender while the other half wore silver.  All of them participated in the ceremony (we had a sand ceremony). I just wanted to make things personal and I didn't want anyone feeling left out even if it meant having a huge bridal party. :)

    What about you? How many did you have in your bridal party?

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  • I agree, but it feels more like the next step for me then a new beginning.  :)

     Also, it's funny that you say you look back and laugh at the imperfections, because we had a few of our own that we smile when we look back at. One is our favorite and probably biggest "mess-up" of the wedding, although I think it made the night that much better. We actually forgot to do our part of the sand ceremony. We just got caught up in the excitement, and next thing you know we are married and the sand is just sitting there still. So the DJ is announced in the middle of the reception, before the toasts, that we were going to finish the sand ceremony. So we did. :)



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  • Well we had a few of those ourselves our minister forgot to have us exchange rings so we had to repeat our vows again and our so not wonderful photographer didn't get the vows or our kiss so we ended up saying our vows 3 tmes and kissing twice, neither of which I minded.  But everyone said everything was beautiful and all that matters is that we are happy now.
  • I had 7 bridesmaids total which wasn't too bad considering I had planned on a small wedding at first.
  • Oh wow, that almost happened to us. My hubby's dad married us (he got the Deputy for a Day) and he was so nervous that he started to pronounce us husband and wife and my mom whispered "You forgot the rings!". It just made for a funny moment, but that really sucks that your photographer wasn't very good. :(

    And 7 is a good number. Did he have the same? My guy only had three on his side. He would've had 4, but one of his groomsmen got orders to go overseas a couple weeks before the wedding...

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  • Thanks, I was going to go with black and white at first but then one of my bridesmaids tried on a coral dress and that was the color for me.
  • Our photographer was very unprofessional, she was a friend of my mother in law, big mistake we are just hoping our photos and video come out nicely.  Yes he had 7 also.  Wow that had to be stressful losing a groomsman a few weeks before the wedding.  But I'm sure your wedding was beautiful regardless.
  • Yeah, it was a little upsetting, especially since he was only going to be gone for the month of our wedding, but we had a post wedding/housewarming party when he got back. We still set up his spot at the head table also because we wanted it to feel like he was still a part of it. So it ended up being okay. We weren't happy about it, but we also weren't going to stress over it.

    And my friends sister is doing black and coral, its so pretty and elegant. :) That's awesome that you had such a large bridal party. I loved having all my girls. It felt more like an event, like I had my own entourage. :)

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  • Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God is amazing! BabyFruit Ticker
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