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Facebook - posting pictures

For a few reasons, I do not have a Facebook account and I have politely asked my family and friends specifically not to post pictures of my kids on their profiles. My cousin and sister have accounts and are both friends with my MIL. Well, my MIL posted over 100 pictures of my BIL/SIL wedding shower and my kids were in a bunch of them. I have had multiple conversations in the past with my MIL about this so she knows how I feel. I guess it wouldn't be a huge deal if she was posting the whole album and one or two pictures of the kids was uploaded. My problem is that there are more than a couple and she captioned them all AND tagged other family members. How would you approach this?

Re: Facebook - posting pictures

  • If any are specifically of them, ask her to remove those and to remove any captions from all of them that identify them
  • were your kids tagged? were they named?


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  • I think you can ask facebook to remove them.
  • image vjcjenn1:
    If any are specifically of them, ask her to remove those and to remove any captions from all of them that identify them


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  • When you spoke to your MIL, did you ask that she have absolutely no photos of your children on her facebook page? Or is your MIL making the assumption that if she doesn't tag or name the children specifically, she can still keep them up on Facebook?

    And how did you find out about the photos?

  • SIL and I had this conversation.  I changed the settings so that only "approved family" can see the pictures.  She was happy with the change.  Perhaps MIL has the pictures on a private viewing? 


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  • image kimmygirl77:
    I think you can ask facebook to remove them.

     You can do this.

    What does your DH have to say about this?  

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  • CuaoCuao member
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    After reading these posts about Facebook privacy settings, I am interested in doing this myself.  When you change your privacy setting to only allow certain people see your posts and photos, are the other friends who are not on your restricted list able to go to your wall and see what you posted? 


    Thanks Smile 

  • Tell your MIL FIRMLY that you explicitly DO NOT want pictures of YOUR kids on her facebook. They are your kids, she's just grandma....


    However, you do have to understand that probably in another five years, pictures of all your family, including your kids, will be all over the internet with nothing to stop it. That's the world and advancing technology for ya. 

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