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Disney w/infant & food

Has anyone hit WDW with an infant who would have just started solids? DD will be 6 months old when we vacation there in December. We'll be staying at Saratoga Springs as a Vacation Club guest so we'll have a kitchen. We will not be having a car, just using Disney transportation. If need be we may enlist the aid of a cast member to get a car for a little bit.

Did you bring all your food or go out and get it? I normally make my baby's food, so I didn't know if that was an option for you or what you did.

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Re: Disney w/infant &amp;amp; food

  • We're taking our little guy to Mexico next month and he'll be almost 5 months. I'm planning to bring prepackaged food for him even though I'll be making his food at home. I think it's just going to be so much easier to travel with the food rather than bring everything to make it, even if you will have a kitchen.
  • My family was DVC members for years (and having that fridge and stove saved $$). I basiclly gre up going to WDW 1-2 times a year. When my brother and sistr were born my family packed most of the food needed for them (when we drove). They also packed as many dipears and wipes as possible. Then if more was needed we just purchased from a grocery store (like Publix). When we flew we packed only what would be needed immediately. Then everything was purchased when we were in Florida.

    There is a grocery store just off of WDW property where you can purchase whatever you need. When I say just off it is just that. One side of the street is Disney and the other is the real world. I am not sure how easy it is to get to the store without a car. Even when we flew we rented a car so it made it extra easy to get out if needed.

    There are also places on Disney property to purchase groceries but the selection is limited. 

  • Both my girls' first trips to Disney were at 6 months old.  Even though I made most of their food at home, I just brought premade baby food for the trip... it was easy, quick, and no clean up!  I packed some in boxes for extra protection then just put them in my checked bag.  If you would only be renting a car to pick up groceries, check out some of the companies that do grocery delivery down there!


    ETA: homemade food needed to be refrigerated.  the premade stuff was easy to just throw in a bag and bring to the park to not worry about durring the day.   

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