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I do not think anyone remember me but HEY!

Hi ladies! 

 I do not know if anyone remember me but I hope some of you do. I am originally from Brazil and was doing the K1 visa to marry my american (now husband) fiance, remember? Anyone? Well, we did it! I've been living in US since October and actually got married in November. Simple ceremony with a judge and his family around us to witness but it was the most beautiful day of my life, we were the happiest couple! And by the way I had a gorgeous little dress on (lol)

 It's been tough sometimes for me, missing family and friends plus the food that I love from my country (lol) but husband is always there for me. We have been spending A LOT of time together and when I say "a lot" I mean it. Working together at his father's company leaves us with almost  glued to each other, 24/7 but I can't complain though because he is such a great company, my best friend. 

 His family has been awesome to me and mine has been really supportive even though I try to tell my mom the least about my life as possible. And no, not a bad daughter here but my mother and I have had our problems in the past and I just want her to know that I am happy and satisfied with my life now, guess that's the only thing she wants/needs to hear though.

 Right now I am waiting on my Legal Permanent Residency card, which will give me 2 years immigration free time until I can apply for citizenship and honestly I could care less about that. Best news ever for us is, tomorrow we close on our house!!!! (YAY!) I got a call from my husband minutes ago telling me that and I'm so excited and happy and nervous and wow, idk... We have been living with my in-laws since I got here and even though we get along GREAT it is time to have our space and build our future.

 Been wondering about this forum for quite sometime now but never have time to stop and type something but here I am! And for the ladies that I do not know or cannot remember: -Hi there, it is nice to meeting you (again)! 

 Hope you all have a great day and that everything is fine. See ya'll! 


Re: I do not think anyone remember me but HEY!

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