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Has anyone taken the PLACE exam?

I am taking it on Saturday for School Counseling and wondered if you had any advice?


Re: Has anyone taken the PLACE exam?

  • I took it ages ago for Social Studies.  The only hard part for my subject was having to know a little bit from a lot of disciplines (sociology, psych, econ, history).  The only part I had to brush up on was my US History as there was a lot on the test.  So I guess I'd just see what the test covers and make sure you can do ok all all the areas.  

    I didn't think it was hard, but I know some people who struggled. 

  • I've taken it in elementary education, English/language arts, instructional technology, and gifted & talented. I knew nothing about teaching when I took elementary and passed, but did not get a very good score. I studied a little for English and did well. I didn't study for at all for the other two. I passed both, with a very high score in technology and good score in gt. It was mostly scenarios, so it's hard to study for. The hard part is that I could have written an essay to support 2 or the answers for MANY questions. Overall I think it's a pretty bad test and many of the answers depend on the student.


  • No advice on the PLACE, I took the Praxis because it seemed less convoluted and didn't have so many specific to CO questions.  I had read Praxis was harder than PLACE but I took the elem ed before I started my teaching program or had taught and passed fine without much studying so if you've studied I'm sure you'll be fine.

     Good Luck! 

  • I took the PLACE for school counseling too.  I did not study, really, but was pretty fresh out of the MS program, maybe about a year or so.  I did just fine.  Now finding a job, that's the challenge!
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