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Date Night

My hubby and I try to establish a date night every week. Lately we have been really busy and staying home or doing the usual by going out to dinner and a movie. We love watching movies together, it's our thing. But I want to do something different, and can't think of any ideas. I look online and the ideas are always the same. I want to do something new. We live in Arizona where it's too hot to spend much time outdoors. Any suggestions?


Re: Date Night

  • Please help. Our date night is tomorrow. 

  • How about an indoor picnic? Make some awesome food, turn off the TV, and just enjoy some time together.

    I know it sounds cheesy, but it's kind of awesome :) 

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  • What about a BYOB art class? Or a cooking or wine class. A concert? It's Friday night, I'm sure there's a few options in your town. 
  • If you are an active person... maybe lazer tag or bowling ?  Or wine tasting and a nice dinner.  We have also done a picnic in bed when it was too hot out.  The usual picnic food and wine... turn on some music... and if it is late in the evening you can even open the windows for a breeze maybe. 
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  • We also have farmer's markets this time of year with wine and music in the evenings... maybe something similar.  Or a museum or art gallery? 
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  • Have sex!

    Seriously though, and this only works if you like cooking, I really enjoy finding new/exotic recipes and make dinner at home.  Have that with a new fruity cocktail.  Even if it's a total fail we still have fun trying it out!

    Have fun!!

  • Those are all great ideas. Especially like yours Caitlin. The biggest thing is we wanted to get out of the house. We've done the indoor picnic before and that was fun.
  • If there's an inside rink nearby iceskating?
  • I don't know if this is much different than what you do, but I love to have "inside" dates, where we just stay inside on a Friday night, and my husband either cooks (since I cook during the week) or we order take out, we pop in a good movie, and just enjoy each other's company. Other good dates are going bowling, or going to a kid's fun park or arcade. 
  • Hey LexiRoxi:

    How about ordering a romantic room decoration and setting it up on your home, both will love it and enjoy a romantic and nice time together! good luck.

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  • image Uberoom12:

    Hey LexiRoxi:

    How about ordering a romantic room decoration and setting it up on your home, both will love it and enjoy a romantic and nice time together! good luck.

    Thanks for share this excellent advice

  • Not sure if your zoo does it, but I know the Detroit Zoo does a few different things in the evening for adults only, they do zoomance, wild nights wild wine, a beer tasting. You pay one flat rate for 10 sample tickets and full access to the zoo.  Check out the website for your local zoo and see if they do anything like that, it's a lot of fun!
  • Why not put on a glamorous evening dress and enjoy the two day great evening with your spouse in a secret park or just appreciate a movie together.
  • We love to hike and explore new trails. Its alot of fun and its a great workout!!! 
  • Couples massages/spa day. It'll be relaxing and romantic. Cooking classes or cocktail classes could be fun, too! Learning to make sushi can also be an interesting & new experience. 

    If all else fails, visit a wine bar with fun tapas!
  • come to texas about the beinning of the summer and come down to galveston its not to hot not to cold and the view is beautiful 
  • Because we're 95 years old, we've been having date nights where we play board games (Firefly, specifically).  Might this be something you'd enjoy?
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