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ALS Graduation Outfit..

 Hello, ladies!! So, DH's ALS graduation is in 2 days and I still don't know what to wear. I have a black pencil skirt from express but I don't know what kind of top to wear with it. DH says that it is going to be a semi-formal thing. He is going to wear his service uniform. 

 I heard that ALS Graduation is boring. Have you been to one before? What is it like? It is going to be a long night for me since I have this stupid and very annoying some kind of bug bites probably chigger bites according to DH and they are all over my legs. FML

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Re: ALS Graduation Outfit..

  • I go every 6 weeks (as long as they are dinners, not luncheons). I have found that the outfits range from business casual to formal, depending on the spouse.  And that it can be really formal if a number of spouses GO that way or really casual if a number of spouses dont want to dress up. 

    Given the purpose of the school and normal wear of gradutation, I personally wear dressy business outfits vs dressy dresses.  I understand the desire to go more formal, especially if your spouse is winning an award, but the ADSM is graduationg from Airmen Leadership School.  

    So my suggestion would be to wear the black pencil skirt with a really dressy top, kickass shoes and great accessories.  I would get your nails and hair done (a really cool updo, but not prom ringlets) and enjoy yourself.

    As for the actual ceremony...they SHOULD only last 90  minutes...but they usually take forever (hence I never go for the luncheons).  The ceremony iteself can be boring, unless the class gets creative.  But if you have nice/fun people around you (you will sit wiht your DH's squadron); then it is not that bad...

  • Definitely dinner. I was kinda thinking about the same thing. Black pencil skirt that I already have and a nice dressy top that I still have to get. Thanks for the info. Now if I could only find a way to get rid of this stupid bites. Sad
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  • I kid you not, my mother forced my father to resign his active duty commission and go Title 10 Reserves so she would not have to go back to Lost in the Woods. Well, that and wanting to teach...but it was equal parts chiggers.  

    I still have some scars..... 

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