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Fort Lewis

Does anyone know anything about Ft. Lewis?  I can't find the website for their on base housing and all the sites I have found with "reviews" are negative but it can't be all bad.  Anyone there now?  Been there?  Where to live?  Any info at all is appreciated :)
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Re: Fort Lewis

  • I've been there! Only for a month for training, but it's so pretty there.  The weather is pretty cool, it never got above 80 during the summer but it also doesn't dip really low in the winter (so I've heard).  I don't know much about on-base housing or how to get it there (because I was in barracks) but I do know that Ft Lewis is huge so there should be some available if you're looking.  Seattle is an eclectic, lively city and it's about 40 minutes away.  And really does drizzle that much.  But it's not that bad if you're okay with rain!

     That's all I got for ya, hope that helps at least a little bit! 

  • We are here, just got here a little over a month ago.  Here is the site for on-base housing.  I would ignore the wait times on there though, for my H's rank it said there was immediate availability and some available in 30 days and when we got here the wait time was closer to 3-4 months.  We live off base and really like it.  There are a lot of towns pretty close to base; Lacey, Dupont, Steilacoom, Spanaway, Yelm, Tacoma.  We have not been here long enough to know what areas are best, but I have met people that live in all of these areas.  We also know some people that live on base, they seem to like it, I have not heard anything to negative.  We went to a BBQ on base last weekend and the house was fine, in good shape, decent size, back yard. 
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  • A PP just posted the link for you, but an early welcome to Washington! We LOVE it here (H isn't stationed at Ft Lewis, he's more north, but my father was stationed there for YEARS when I was younger) 

    Are you planning to live on base, or is that just a "starting point" for looking for you guys?



  • Wellll....we are in the discussion phase of where we want to go next, an opportunity presented itself to go to Ft. Lewis or Ft. Hood or Ft. Polk.  I have wanted to go to Lewis since before we got married but only because I am infatuated with the idea of the mountains and Seattle.  So I need to learn more about it.  Right now we are doing some research on everywhere.  We came from Bragg to Knox and that was a quick decision and we have regretted it.  We can always go back to Bragg where we love it but I also think a perk of being in the military is getting to move around a lot.  Now that I am off topic and explaining the current drama in my life...Anywho, we didn't live on base at Bragg because he knew his way around the city before I got there.  So he knew where was OK to live.  We live on base here because the surrounding cities didn't have many available rentals, we weren't familiar with the area and we knew he was deploying as soon as we got here.  I heard traffic is really bad in Lewis and I have heard there are some sketchy places off base, but I know that is the case anywhere we go.  I am not a big fan of on base housing but I think that mostly has to do with the noise you have to deal with ALL THE TIME (lots of kids everywhere, we live behind the air field, everyone is up at 5 am for work, etc..) and of course there are no pet deposits or security deposits which makes for an easier move.  Any input on any of these things or helping us make an educated decision is appreciated!!
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  • 1. Yup. Sketchy places are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. You just can't avoid it. Ft Lewis is somewhat near Tacoma which is a huge city.. Bad stuff happens sometimes. Just avoid those places as you have learned to do at other stations.

    2. Traffic is bad in that area, but it's not.. Los Angeles bad. It's always moving, just.. slowly.. And we exaggerate here, too, because we're not used to a lot of traffic. It's usually only for about a mile stretch.. It all the places I have lived, Ft Lewis traffic was some of the least annoying. 

    3. There are TONS of places to live off base. Ft Lewis is surrounded by a bunch of little towns and a couple larger town/cities. So many choices. I refuse to live on base, so I totally understand you there. I have heard the base housing there is actually pretty decent, but I still could never do it. You will find a MILLION available rentals here.. lol. That won't be an issue should you choose to find off base housing. 

    4. I'm at a little of a loss regarding the pet/security deposit you mentioned, but most places here require those? I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing to you.. Little confused there..

    5. Seattle has an INCREDIBLE amount to offer. Washington in general does. This place is amazing. We are PCSing at the end of the year and are pretty bummed about it (although, yay for a new experience!) because we feel like there is still sooo much to do and see. Do you have any big hobbies, outdoor activities, etc?  

  • image firsttimersluck:

    a loss regarding the pet/security deposit you mentioned, but most places here require those? I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing to you.. Little confused there..


    I re-read that after I posted it and I meant to say that on post housing doesn't charge a deposit or pet rent, which in our case is a plus because we have two dogs, one of which weighs over 65 pounds.  So it makes it a little more expensive to move into off base rentals because its normally one months rent, plus pet deposit, plus app fees, whereas on base just lets you move in with prorated rent.  As far as the outdoorsy stuff I like to walk and we are always looking for trails.  We love to take the dogs to parks and through the woods and things.  So I am not a huge outdoor person, but I am also not against it.  I like the outdoors a lot less in the south because its hot and you cant be out there for five seconds without getting bit by something :)

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