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FRG is looking for new people...I was staying away from it but now that new people are PCSing in and out I am thinking about starting to help out.  I want to come to the table with ideas, and would like to get away from doing boring bake sales all the time.  Does anyone have any good, different, successful fundrasing ideas?
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Re: Fundrasing

  • We aren't allowed to fundraise on base here, for all kinds of weird reasons.. So some of the things the ladies in my wives club and in the FRG have started doing include...

    - flamingo flocking. (pay $ for 10, $$ for 20 flamingos, etc to have them put at someones yard for a week. It's reeeally funny to see pictures of people with all these giant pink garden flamingos in their yards. It's raised a considerable amount of money here) 

    - one giant yard sale. Everyone brings all their baby toys, clothes, furniture, etc to one house that has a large enough area out front and on a busy enough road to do a huge sale. that's an EASY way since we all have stuff we have been meaning to get rid of/send to goodwill.

    - If your installation doesn't already do one, Time and Talent is an AWESOME thing. It's done once a year here. It's a half silent, half not-silent auction where all the wives' clubs bring stuff to auction off (anything from a gift basket of Mary kay, to a personalize beer pong table, to a round of jello shots that evening, etc). It's fun because each year they choose a theme and all the individual wives' clubs get their tables/areas to decorate, as well as dress up. It's a fun, friendly competition between the different clubs. It raises fund for each club individually, and the ticket sales raise money for the FRG. It's always a huge thing here. 

  • We do a lot of fundraising.  We've done everything from key chains to picture frames to challenge coin cases. We've also done Christmas ornaments.  Our most successful fund raising usually comes from t shirts.  This year, two companies did t shirt fund raisers and we participated in two runs.  Most of us bought all 4 shirts.  Our company had to make a second order of shirts because they were so popular. 

    With that money, we pay for our friday night dinners during the short deployments our guys go on.  All families from our company are invited to free dinner at a local burger joint.  We will also put some of that money toward our Christmas party, sign making party and we are having a movie day for the wives.   


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  • Not a fundraising ideas AT ALL!

    1) But our Spouses Group did a "Bag of Hugs and Kisses" for all of the kids with deployed parents.  The parent wrote out a note in advance (hand written or emailed) and then we bagged up a hadful of Hershey's hugs (the white and milk chocolate swirled candies) and regular kisses in pretty bags with the note attached.

    Then we brought the bags to the schools to give out right before lunch.

    2) Another squadron did a monthly art/craft day.  They found people within the Squadron who did something artistic (cricket, scrapbooking, crotcheting, knitting, photography, etc) and "hired" them to do a tutorial - to include making sure that everyone had enough product to walk home with a project. 

    The spouses paid for the materials plus a couple bucks to cover the time of the instructor.

    This took about 5 months to get off the ground, but once people realized that it WAS going to be a regular occurrence they started flocking! 

    3)  Our MOPS does a clothing swap.  For each outfit/bundle (onsies needed to be bundled to equal a top/bottom set) you brought in, you got 1 ticket.  Then you got to USE your one ticket to buy another person's outfit/bundle.  You pay for everything at the door. 

    I LOVED this, because we went all they way through middle school and I  was able to get bigger sized clothes for Monkey without having to shop.



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