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Wait to run a 5K?

I've been doing the Couch to 5K program. I'm on week 8 (next to last week) and have been timing my runs vs. distance. Tonight I decided to see how far distance wise I go in 28 minutes.

Um, I "run" really slowly. I was planning on doing a 5K a week from Saturday, but now I'm wondering if I should postpone and try to either speed up my pace or run significantly longer.


Re: Wait to run a 5K?

  • I think you should run it. It doesn't matter now "fast" you run it. You are getting out there. And the fact that you put in 8 weeks of training already. Run the race, and use this race as your bar to improve on. Race day excitement will go a long way to help you go that little bit further than your training. Also, to put your mind at ease, as long as you run some of it (or even walk the whole thing fast), you won't be the last person.
  • I am doing a 5k this weekend, and I honestly don't even plan on running the whole thing. I just couldn't at this point. So I'm aiming to walk/run, but of course TRYING to run more than I walk. But actually, I'm just excited to do it period, no matter how I finish.
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  • Race day adrenlyn will help!  Go for it!!  Good luck
  • DO IT! You're just starting out - speed is not that important, and will get better over time. But no need to postpone this 5k!
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  • Do it! Running in a race is completely different than running on your own. You will find you run faster and push yourself more.  Try to pace yourself.  Keep yourself at a slow jog the entire time even if you feel like going faster so you don't burn yourself out in the first mile!  And good luck!
  • ABSOLUTELY DO IT! I have been running for 3 years, and I still run a 13-14 minute mile. It's not about how fast you run, it's about the experience of completing something and setting yourself up for a challenge! No matter how slow you go, you're lapping everyone on the couch. My mantra is one from a Runner's World write - I'm slow, I know, get over it!

    Good luck!

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