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Cedar Point?

I will be travelling to Ann Arbor next week for a wedding. My husband came across a website for Cedar Point. It sounds like a great place to visit and is only 2 hours from Ann Arbor.

I wanted to see if nestie on this board has been there. We are trying to figure out which hotel to stay at in the park. My children are 2 and 4 and LOVE Snoopy. I would appreciate any advice on where to stay and tips to fully enjoy the park. Also- would anyone recommend more than 1 day at the park?


Re: Cedar Point?

  • Cedar Point is very popular around this area and is a lot of fun! I can't recommend any place to stay, most people around here just drive out in the morning, spend the day, and then drive home again. If you are going on a weekend, there are going to be longer lines and you may need two days to ride everything, plus there is a water park that could spend half a day at. If you go on a weekday the park will be a lot less busy (an more enjoyable IMO).
  • Given that it is less than an hour from Toledo, I've never stayed over night there.  There are certain times (weekends, especially) that it will be super busy and extremely long waits for rides that you may want to consider two days.  However, if you are going with two little ones, I don't think it would be as bad as they wouldn't be able to ride the typically long wait rides (i.e. the roller coasters).  I haven't been to the water park there, but have heard great things about it.
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  • I've also never stayed there, we just drive back and forth.  We have gotten season passes the past few years and we go at least 4-5 times a year.  (not this year though!)  I've heard Breakers is popular.

    The kids areas are really great - one is mostly just the cars and boats that go around in a slow circle, and the other has bigger flying rides that your 4yr old would enjoy.  There are two small rollercoasters... the Snoopy one you would need to ride with him/her but it's a thrill even for adults.  And it takes a photo like the big coasters so that's fun.

    We took the kids just one day last year (4, 6, 8yrs) on a Saturday, and the kids areas weren't busy at all - we had plenty of time to do everything there plus a couple big rides for the older two.  Looks like Soak City waterpark opens this weekend so you could do that too, they have a combo pass that lets you go back and forth to the two parks for two days (or one park each day of course).  There's parking in the back of CP with entrances to both parks right there.

    Have fun!  I'm going to miss it this year!

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