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How is everyone doing? We haven't had an update post in a while.

We are doing well. DH got his OSHAA certification to umpire baseball this summer and he has been doing a lot of games. He really likes it, and the extra income is nice while my work is slow... so Ella and I have had lots of time together. 

She is doing great. Finally starting to talk a little. She loves going to the park and we are in an art class at the YMCA one day a week. 

At the end of next week my youngest nephew will be here for a few days, then my sister and my older nephew fly in for just over a week. I think we are going to go to CP while they are here with my little brother. I am excited to have my nephew for a few days. 

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Re: Updates?

  • We are doing great too.

    Monk- turns 3 pretty soon and ages out of early intervention, he will start CHIP in July and will do that for a couple years until kindergarten. He is catching on and saying lots of words....and spontaneously saying words not just repeating when we prompt him which is great.

    Harry-he is nearly crawling, and rolling around everywhere. I think he is going to have light hazel eyes, or maybe even a dark grey eye with a little bit of gold in them. He is growing fast and is wearing some 12 month stuff now...but mostly in 9 month...he will go in July for his next check up though, and in August we are going to have him go through sibwatch through Mercy Autism Services to get a baseline of his skills and development...just as a precaution. We will likely do it again around 15-16 months which is when I started to notice some things with Monk. Its offered as a free service for those of us with kids currently with a diagnosis and receiving services through MAS. 

    DH-getting sick of work I think, they are just being ridiculous....he is far too qualified for what he is doing now, and there is just not any upward mobility at this he is feeling pretty stuck. He and FIL just put up Monks playset out in our back yard over the last two days and he is so pleased it went up so well.

    I am still getting ready for will likely be in the fall before the holidays....probably sometime in October or maybe November. I have lost at least 20 lbs since first seeing the surgeon, and 30 was my magic number to not have to have two procedures. I am getting used to the idea of eating smaller meals more often, not drinking caffeine, or drinking through a straw...which are some of the harder rules to follow for me.  I am also in freak out mode about CHIP, especially because we are still a one car family and we have to go across town to MAS by 830. There is also the grants and scholarship application process that is getting me a little bogged down...

    Anyway, we are all doing pretty good.


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  • Adelyn was born on March 24th so I've been adjusting to having two kids. She has been GREAT! STTN already! But she is a little piglet. I'm BFing and I can never satisfy that little piglet! She eats alllll the time!

    Liam just turned 2 on the 18th. We went to Kalahari to celebrate and had a blast! He is finally starting to say words and communicate with me with more than just pointing. He is doing very well as a big brother! When ever Addie cries, he says "Don't cry, it's okay!" and gives her a kiss on the head or a high five. So sweet!

    DH is still working at an engineering firm in Maumee. He got a raise recently! WooHoo!

    As for me, I've been making jewelry and doing freelance photography to raise some extra money. I really want to start babysitting during the week so I've been waiting for the opportunity to present itself! Other than that, it's endless laundry, dishes, and taking care of my family! :) 

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  • It's been such a rollercoaster lately...

    Baby and I are great, I feel him all the time now and the kids are getting excited for his arrival.  I've got all of his stuff ready, just need to find a rocker/glider and we're all set.  And we got engaged :)  I think I posted that but it's gone now.

    My dad was diagnosed with a tennis-ball sized cancer in his lung six weeks ago and the surgeon was confident it was curable with surgery.  When they finally got around to the surgery last week, after rescheduling him a few times, they get in there and find that it had grown to cantaloupe size and involved too many ribs to remove.  Now they're talking possible radiation therapy to slow it, but mostly just pain management and quality of life.  He's home at least and recovering from the surgery so he can hopefully start radiation in 2 weeks.  Cancer sucks, kids.  Don't smoke.

    And my stupid cat is still missing, going on a week.  He's my favorite.

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  • Our buyers had some financing issues and closing is taking longer (way longer) than we though it would. I guess they have things worked out now though, so our new closing date is June 22 and then we have 30 days to be out. So hopefully we will be out of here by mid July. DH has been interviewing for jobs, we find out this week if he gets a third round interview for the one job that would be a good fit out in Denver.

    We are having a garage sale tomorrow through fri. We actually managed to sort through EVERYTHING in the house. We went through the entire contents of the basement, boxed up all of the things we won't be using anytime in the near future, threw a lot of things out, and put the rest in the garage sale. It felt so good to get the basement done (as well as the rest of the house). I jjst have a few things left to price today, I've never been so prepared for a garage sale, and the weather shouldn't be too bad :)

    Jake is doing really well! I'm sad the school year is over though, he LOVED school and they were so wonderful with him. I think preschool made a big difference in him. I'm just hoping to be all settled in somewhere new by the time school starts in the fall. Audrey is doing really great too, there are no concerns at all about her being on spectrum, she's got 25+ words now and is using two word phrases. She's the total opposite of Jake in pretty much every way.

  • imagehoundbaby:

    . Audrey is doing really great too, there are no concerns at all about her being on spectrum, she's got 25+ words now and is using two word phrases. She's the total opposite of Jake in pretty much every way.

    That is great. I don't know how many words Ella has for sure but she is doing better finally. A lot of what she says is hard to understand, but there are at least words now.

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  • nothing new to report!!   lol....

    j started his new job last week and so far, it seems like a good fit.  fingers crossed that he will be there for a long time...   

    me... still doing the "working two jobs" thing, trying to get some debt paid down as it looks like a new car is on the far horizon (hoping my lil' sunfire can hold out another year or two).


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  • Davis is doing awesome, we were told a year ago he was on the spectrum.  Now there is no question, he is not on the spectrum at all.  We still had him tested through the school system anyways to see if he was eligible for any services, but he wasn't, I figured he wouldn't be.  He talks way to well and has just come a long way in such a short time.  I'm very proud of him.  He starts soccer soon, we are super excited about that and then preschool in the fall.  I can't believe he is 3.

    I'm having my second surgery tomorrow to correct my overactive bladder.  Wish me luck :o)  If you are interested in what I am getting just google "Interstim"

    Other than that, we've got nothing. 

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  • Busy busy busy at work.  Definitely a lot more incoming than outgoing with 7 interns and 1 full time starting yesterday.

    Stella is now just a few weeks shy of one.  Not walking yet...not sure that I'm ready for that, actually.  It is already exhausting keeping up with the little speed demon!

    That's pretty much it on my end.  Everything else is status quo.

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  • I'm glad everyone is doing well!

    My updates: I'm enjoying life in Columbus but missing all of my Toledo family/friends. I'm also engaged now! Yay! The kids are great and we are just happy. 

  • Update: School is out for summer and I know it is terrible to say, but I'm not so bored that I nest all of the time like I do when at work!

    We're just waiting for the arrival of our first baby next month.  Things are going well for him.  So many "issues" in the beginning have all turned out (so far) to not have affected baby at all.  He is measuring big all the time, but since I don't have any other risk factors that is not of concern. 

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