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Alternatives to Bad Foods

Anyone have any good alternatives they use for some bad foods??  I am 9 weeks post baby, and have started to get back into a workout routine, but to get back to my pre wedding weight, I really need to start changing my eating habits!!  I love salsa, but its the chips that are bad! (same goes for hummus, and guacamole!)  And when baking I dont want to use the oil!  Im such a snacker and need healthy alternatives!  Thanks!!
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Re: Alternatives to Bad Foods

  • I like baby carrots and cucumber slices for dipping....especially the baby carrots because I can buy them in 2 pound bags, cut and cleaned.
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  • I use sliced cucumber as my dipping for everything, because I don't eat chips. 

    You can also make your own chips from potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, etc that would be a much more healthful alternative.

    If you're really bent on the chips (and even crackers) ordeal, then I would suggest that when you buy a bag of chips, go home and immediately open them up. Sort them by serving size into individual baggies so you are more aware of exactly how much you're eating at a time. 

  • I really like almonds and other nuts. They do have calories, but are very nutritious and fill me up quickly. When my sweet tooth hits, I try to go for dark chocolate because, for some reason, I don't compulsively eat it until it's all gone, unlike all other candies known to man.
  • Celery is actually really good dipped in Hummus.

    And Special K just came out with these chips - I can't remember the exact name but they are in the cracker section. You can have a handful for barely any calories! They are good with salsa.! The soutwest flavor is really good.

    Also what about some summer fruits like - watermelon! I can eat a ton of that!

  • I'm a sucker for pizza.  I crave it ALL the time.  Here's a clean pizza recipe made with ground chicken as the crust.  It's a must try!

  • Thanks for the suggestions!
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