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Picky Eater

So my husband is an incredibly picky eater. I just recently got him to start eating vegetables (as in any... his mother would never make him eat them). However, he still doesn't like tomatoes or onions; 2 of my favorite veggies to use in recipes. I've just started not buying them, but I do find myself missing having both in my dinner. What would you all recommend? Do you know any good recipes where you can hide those?
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Re: Picky Eater

  • Can you use onion powder instead?  How about trying garden or vipe-ripened tomatos? They taste much different than the typical grocery store tomato?    Otherwise, I would prob try to really concentrate on using the veggies he will eat or making the T&O large enough to pick out.  That is a pretty big accomplishment for a non-veggie eater to start eating them.

    Other option is to make a seperate batch of your recipe without them for him.

  • What I've done before is put those cooked veggies in the blender and then return them back to the recipe. No one can find anything so no complains 
  • Onions are an all-time favorite of my but my H is intolerant (not allergic.. He doesn't swell up. He throws up profusely for HOURS if he has onion :( ).

    I have started just chopping up onion and adding it at the end to my stuff rather than cooking it into meals. It's easy to make salad and just.. NOT put it on her, add it to YOUR bowl of chili, tacos/burritos, etc


  • You can make a different batch or depending on where you add these items, add them at the end into your own portion.


  • I'm very picky texture wise so I usually blend them and put them back in. I use onion powder instead of onions because MH can't tolerate them either
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