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Fussy/colic-y baby

I think we've figured out why Taylina has been so fussy. John's aunt who is a nurse is pretty sure she has got colic Sad  ugh.. I have found something (or my sister gave me something) that seems to help so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it does the trick.


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Re: Fussy/colic-y baby

  • Aw, no fun. I hope it gets better for you and her soon.
  • Sorry to hear that :( I hope you figure out somethig that helps her soon. My friends son had that as well and would spend nights driving him around in the car. It was the only thing that calmed him down. Good luck!
  • Julia was very gassy as a newborn which led her to be very fussy.  Try laying her with her stomach across your forearm and patting her back.  It helps to relieve any tummy troubles.  Then if all else failed I would giver her mylicon gas drops.  They work wonders!
  • You may be doing this, but try wearing her in a wrap or sling as much as possible. With B's GI issues came a lot of gas, screaming and crying and we couldn't use the gas drops to help since i was working around a TED diet and eliminating everything. I found she was much better when she was worn. Also, my friend had a hardcore colic baby and he turned into a different baby when she wore him in her sleepy wrap. 

    Good luck-a sad baby is rough on everyone.

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