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Music Poll #4

Name a particularly nostalgic album for you and tell everyone why/when/how.


For example, one of mine would be:

Poe - Hello

Spring semester of my Freshman year of college, my roommate was older than me and was very into this album. It reminds me of cruising around town, scraping together enough money to get some beer or a snow cone or some tacos. That was the first taste of freedom I'd had because up to that point I'd lived with my parents.

Another would be:

Corinne Bailey Rae - Corinne Bailey Rae

This CD was in my player for most of summer 2006. I remember being in a melancholy place, and I found this album to be very uplifting.

Re: Music Poll #4

  • I have so many.  Music has always been one of those things that speaks so closely to my emotions.  A song will come on and to this day I'll recall a memory from many years ago with vivid detail.  

    I'm going to cheat because the first "album" that came to mind is a mix CD my ex-boyfriend from highschol made me.  Every song spoke directly to our complicated twisted intensely passionate relationship.  Some songs were hopeful while others left me doubting.  Though I haven't seen the cd in years I still remember his habd writting and what has to be nearly every track that was on that disc.  Here was the line up as I recall it, likely not in the correct order at all.

    ? Snowbirds & Townies - Further Seems Forever

    ? A Perfect Sonnet - Bright Eyes

    ? Awake - Dashboard Confessional

    ? Hands Down - Dashboard Confessional

    ? Hold - Saves the Day

    ? Bike Scene - Taking Back Sunday

    ? Head Club - Taking Back Sunday

    ? On Legendary - Further Seems Forever

    ? Nerdy - Poison The Well

    ? Not Within Arms Length - Poison The Well

     I feel like there were a couple more songs but I'm forgetting them at the moment.  Ironically these are all favorite songs of mine still.



  • Blue October's Foiled -- it happened to be the album that was in my car around the time my then-serious boyfriend broke my heart, and I would listen to it constantly on repeat for about a month thereafter whenever I was in the car (which was a lot when you have a 1.5 hour commute).  Hate Me was the song that I would focus around, move on to Congratulations, and then try to cheer myself up with Sound of Pulling Heaven Down.
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  • i have a few-

    ames you mentioned Poe- I listened to that a LOT in high school. 

    Garth Brooks- always reminds me of my ex.  As well as the Cranberries

    Dave Matthews helps me get through those bad days. 

    Kenny chesney always reminds me of the single days.


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