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Music Poll (Pt. 3)

? Top Five Favorite Albums

? Top Five Favorite Artists/Bands

? Top Five Favorite Songs from one of your Favorite Artist/Band


Re: Music Poll (Pt. 3)

  • I haven't participated in any of these music pulls because I am musically challenged. Not only do I not have favorites, I often have no idea who sings a song or what its called. I just know I like it.  And I definitely cannot mention 5 of any of these.

    Oh well, I guess I will just wait for polls about things I DO know, like food or sex  ;-)

  • Top Five Favorite Albums
    dave matthews crash- still love it 
    cranberries To the Faithful Departed
    Garth- greatest hits (covers a lot of them)
    Michael Jackson- Thriller or Bad- close call

    ? Top Five Favorite Artists/Bands

    Dave Matthews


    Kenny Chesney




    ? Top Five Favorite Songs from one of your Favorite Artist/Band

    Dave (the song that Jane likes), 

    the Last stop


    Tripping Billies


  • Top Five Favorite Albums: 

     All of these are albums I can listen to begin to end still w/o skipping a single song.

    ? Ups & Downs by Saves The Day (really their full discography but this cd has the majority of my faves)

    ? Jumper by Third Eye Blind 

    ? Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday

    ?  The Used first self titled album

    ? Bright Eyes - Enter Discography.  I <3 Connor.


    Top Five Favorite Artists/Bands:

    ? Saves The Day

    ? Bright Eyes

    ? Stevie Nicks

    ? Areosmith

    ? Bon Jovi


    Top Five Fave Songs from Fave Artist/Band:

    Band: Saves the Day

    ? Hold

    ? I'm Sorry I'm Leaving

    ? Jessie & My Whetstone

    ? Take Our Cars Now 

    ?  All I'm Losing Is Me

  • Toughie!

    Top Five Albums (in no particular order):

    John Mayer - Room For Squares

    Hurt - Goodbye to the Machine

    The Beatles - Let It Be

    Gin Blossoms - New Miserable Experience

    Jason Mraz - We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things


    Top Five Artists/Bands:

    John Mayer (I know he's a douche.)



    Gin Blossoms

    Sheryl Crow


    Top Five Songs from John Mayer Douche:


    Why Georgia


    Slow Dancing In A Burning Room


    Basically, I loved Room for Squares, hated Heavier Things, loved Continuum, hated Battle Studies. So, I'm hoping the new album (Born and Raised) I will love.

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