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Monday blues

How was everyone's weekend ? I cannot wait until next weekend this one was full of schoolwork, chores and no relaxing. And im working late tonight wahhhh.


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Re: Monday blues

  • My Monday is t going too bad. I'm at work and I'm in peds which is my second favorite place to work. The ER has been quite busy today but it's been a manageable pace. 

    My weekend was low key but good. I was on call yesterday but didn't get called in. So I was able to go to a memorial device for a friend that was held at a Harley Davidson store. It was pretty cool until I passed out FAIL. I just became that person that steals everyone's attention an a memorial service I wanted to die.  


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  • Our weekend was pretty boring, but good.

    BMW - whay did you pass out? Is everything okay?

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  • I've had issues in the past when I've lost weight that I would get light headed and pass out after getting up, climbing stairs of getting out of a hot tub bc my blood pressure is normally low but tends to get lower when I lose weight. I'm not exactly sure what happened yesterday. We had been standing for about 25 mins, but knees weren't locked. It was very sunny out but it wasn't hot. My best guess is that my blood sugar had dropped bc it was pass time for me to eat and I had eaten next to no carbs that day. I'm keeping my eye on it and it if it happens again soon I'll co tact my dr. 

    Dx PCOS and MFI - morph 1%
    TTC #1 since 9/08
  • Yikes BMW.  That is scary. 

     This weekend was pretty great.  I didn't do much but since it was my first full week back at work it was good to stay home and cuddle with my baby. 

  • We had a wedding Saturday and I helped a friend move Sunday while h worked. So not terribly exciting.

    I hope you feel better Dena!! That's scary! 

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  • That's scary BMW.. Hope it doesn't turn into anything serious.

    We had a nice weekend. It went as planned. Sunday we spent a few hours at Costco and I was POOPED by the time we were done walking around and shopping.

    My Monday was great! It was my very last day at my internship and my last night of class!! I'm done with Graduate School!!!!! Unreal that it's finally arrived!!

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