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Monday vents anyone?

I have one.

Some jacka$s decided it was a wonderful idea to eat a can of tuna at lunch on Friday. Didn't finish it, but threw the can and remaining tuna in the trash. Where it remained, all weekend long.

Thanks, jacka$s for making the entire 2nd floor reek to high heaven Ick!

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Re: Monday vents anyone?

  • Omg puke Michelle. 


    Mine: I sometimes hate my animals and Kevin at night. He gets up 57375674839 times and I don't feel him get in and out but I hear him bc he isn't quiet at all. And he disturbs the animals who then move all around, shake their collars, get a drink etc and I want to punch them all and say "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!"  

    Baby, you've got the sort of eyes that tell me tales...
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  • omg Michelle that is NASTY.

    It's cold and rainy and my shoes got soaked and kind of stink as a result.

    I had a blueberry in my mouth and suddenly had to sneeze and part of the blueberry went into my sinus cavity. Owwww.

  • I slept like crap and was sick to my stomach all night.  I just wanted to stay hooooome.
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  • Ugh, stinky tuna smell is nasty!!

    I have no real vents yet... aside from the fact that it is Monday and I hate my job right now.

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  • we worked in the yard literally ALL weekend.  H mowed the yard, we raked up dead grass and debris from the winder, we planted 2 new bushes in the front, I watered and miracle-grewed all the landscaping and flower beds, then sprayed weed-and-feed all over the front lawn.

    Then H tilled up my garden, we went and get a truck bed full of compst, spread that.  Then we went to to Home Depot and get seme lumber to sturdy-up the fence around the garden, worked the rest of the afternoon doing that.

    My legs are so freaking sore.  The insides and backs of my thighs are screaming at me today.  I don't to go for a walk with the gals from work today because I'm sore, but I feel really lame saying no because my legs are wore from yard work....


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