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Emotionally done for! :(

Thanks to crazy hormones I'm emotionally done for today. My parents left this morning and it was super tough, I completely broke down and have been somewhat of a wreak ever since. While I'm super glad they came it's weird how hard it was to see them go. It was so nice to have my mom here to help out for a day, she was able to help me some more with breastfeeding/latching, which definitely helped! I hate feeling this way because normally I'm never such an emotional wreak, and they hope to be back in a few weekends for Taylina's baptism.

On the positive side, I'm happy because one of my sisters is coming down next week to help out for almost 2 weeks.The week after that my older sister plans to come for a few days. Nothing beats having your own family able to help! IL's are great but it's just not the same! 

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Re: Emotionally done for! :(

  • I think I'd feel the same. I think you can be more yourself with your family there. I'm sure it's hard having them farther away but hang in there, hon. It'll all be second nature in no time I'm sure.

    Many hugs and lotsa luv!

  • Crazy baby hormones! Really random things made me cry right after D was born. They will calm down soon. Hang in there and enjoy the help and family time :-)
  • I felt the same way.  I think I sobbed when my parents left and I never do that.  The hormones plus the lack of sleep plus everything else just kind of puts you over the edge.  Hang in there and try to think of all the positives of the people who are coming to see you and that they will be back soon.
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  • Hugs!  I cried about everything in the first few weeks after Andy was born - you are not alone.  I'm so glad your sister is coming! 

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  • I did the same thing when my mom flew home after A was born. those hormones are a b1tch!

    Glad to hear your sisters are coming to help you out! 

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  • Don't feel bad, it's the hormones.  I felt the same way for the first two weeks or so after Julia was born.  It will get better!!!
  • Awe Alise! It will go away soon enough, hang in there! I was pretty lucky to not have any real baby blues, but I cried at the stupidest things (commercials lol) for weeks. I'm glad that your sister is coming out! Hugs!!!

  • (((((((HUGS))))))))

    Im sorry Alise.  

  • Hang in there Momma! It will get better! 
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