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It's a...

.. girl. Taylina Elizabeth was born at 8:33 yesterday morning via emergency c-section. She turned breech sometime in the last couple of days. She is 8lbs 8oz.  20.5" long. Things are going pretty well considering. I'm sore and still on morphine/ pain meds every few hours, but that isn't surprising.

I went into labor shortly before midnight, and was doing pretty good dealing with the contractions until about 2. Then I woke John, or he woke up because he heard me breathing through contractions. Every 3 minutes about 1 minute long. We called our doula and she recommended I try the tub and see if that slowed things down. Which it didn't they stayed pretty consistent. So John called her again 40 min. later asking her to come out. She came around 3:15ish, I had tried several other positions in the mean time but they weren't working. So back into the tub. Then at about 4:15 she recommended getting out and trying a different position. Once I did that I quickly realized that I was starting to feel like we needed to head into the hospital. 

We got to the hospital at about 4:30 checked in. When they hooked me up to the monitor to listen to baby's heartbeat it was way up high. So they ordered an ultrasound. Sure enough, baby was breech. Then they did an extensive ultrasound to measure baby. My Dr. came in in the mean time, and she called a specialist in a nearby city (1/2 hour away) to see if he would deliver baby breech vaginally or not. When he saw baby's head measurements he said that he didn't dare and recommended a Cesarean. This was approximately at 6:30. In the mean time I was fast approaching full dilation. At 7:20 what they were hoping wasn't going to happen, happened. My water broke, so that meant I spent the rest of my labor with my behind in the air to keep the cord from getting caught. Once my water broke labor got pretty intense. Until then I'd been coping well and breathing through contractions very well. I think I hit a moment of panic felling like I couldn't do it because back labor was pretty intense as well. Thanks to the doula I managed to get myself back under control. Shortly after that they gave me some meds to stop/slow down the contractions, which worked very well.. thankfully! Once my water broke I was very quickly dilated to 10, and if I would have been delivering vaginally baby would have been there soon!

We got prepped for the c-section at about 8:20ish and she was born at 8:33. Since her head was so big it took some maneuvering on the Dr.'s part to deliver her head.  She has definitely got a good set of lungs, and honestly it was the best sound every! John was with her until they brought her to recovery, and got to spend some skin to skin time with her!

While I was in recovery they brought her to me and we started nursing, it took her a little bit but she caught on quickly and has nursed several times since then and does pretty good! I find myself almost falling asleep while she is nursing Smile

I can't seem to upload a picture to tinypic since the hospital blocks it so I'll try do so when we get home later on this week. 
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#1-BFP 08-22-09 ~ M/C 08-31-09 at 5 weeks 6 days
#2-BFP 08-6-11 ~ Due 04/18 ~ born via c-section April 22, 2012
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