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I am currently taking yaz and have been for about the last 2 years and have been having trouble for a while with being very dry before sex, and also a decreased sex drive.  I did talk with my doctor and she prescribed a cream for me to help with dryness, which does help but i hate using. 

 Anyways she of course can not guarantee that switching my birthcontrol will help but she thinks I should be moved to implanon.  Has anyone ever used it?  I don't know anyone who has it and it kind of worries me for some reason.  I am 25 and will be getting married in august.  No kids yet but i hope  that we will be looking at having kids in about 2 years


Re: implanon

  • personally i wouldn't recommend implanon, I had it put in 15 months ago, and had it out 3 months ago. Firstly my mood swings were terrible, i got really paranoid, stopped talking to friends, cried alot and was generally quite depressed. I had never suffered from any of these problems before and was told that these were unlikely on implanon, i looked at all other possibilities that could be causing the symptoms and there was nothing new apart from the implant. Secondly, i had had problems in the past with other contraceptives similar to your's (dryness, decreased sex drive) and was assured that implanon did not cause these but within 1 month of being on it i had no sex drive whatsoever and when me and my partner tried anything i was too dry. Thirdly after about 2 weeks, i began to bleed, not heavily but enough that i had to wear a proper sanitry towel and not just a pantyliner. this bleeding continued until removal and my period only started again yesterday! They said that they could treat the bleeding by giving my the pill on top of the implant so what would be the point if i'd still have to take the pill daily?! I know my experience is shared by several others after checking many forums and a few alot worse than me, so i would check as many sites as you can before you make your decision. Personally though I will never go back on implanon, i just didnt feel like myself on it, if you do decide to get it i would recommed making sure they will remove it straight away if any problems do arise.

    just to add, my moods and sex drive etc all returned to normal within 1 month of removal but my periods/ovulation are still messed up so if you are planning kids maybe have a check for some forums discussing fertillity after using implanon.

    good luck

  • I was having the same problems with my BC (nuvaring). I had no sex drive at all the last year I was on it (I was on it for about 4 years).  I spoke to my OB-GYN about it and she recommended Mirena. I just got married in June 2011, do not have any kids yet and we are waiting to have kids for at least another year or two and mirena can last up to 5 years before you have to remove/replace it. 

    So after I talked to H about it, we both agreed mirena was the way to go. I had it inserted in February and I LOVE it. My sex drive has returned full force and I don't have the dry issues anymore either. And added bonus, I had a really light period in March and haven't had one yet this month (my doctor said its common to not have a period at all on it). 

     Whatever you decide GL!!  

  • Thanks for all the advice.  My insurance won't cover implanon so now I got to figure out where to go from here
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