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Hey Ladies,

My DH is awesome and when he's home on the weekends has no issue cleaning. Lately I have been working full-time, running my school's theater program, tutoring at-risk kids, and going to school for my master's online. Naturally I've been busy. On the weekends, I am wiped in the morning. It takes me a while to get going anyway, but in the time I called our bank to yell at them for making an error, sorted the mail, tidied up the bedroom and started some laundry, he cleaned the kitchen top to bottom to the point it's sparkling. He literally worked on this for 3 hrs straight, and I am so grateful..but feel so guilty. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like I should just accept it. I do thank him, but I feel like I should be getting this done...


~CaraMia~ Married to my HS sweetheart since 7/2/10 Celebrating 10 years together 6/3/12! Anniversary

Re: Guilty...

  • I wouldn't feel guilty but def let him know how much it meant to you.  It sounds like you are lucky to have someone who sees that it needs done and does it.  And both benefit from the kitchen.  Smile
  • Thanks- He says it "doesn't matter" but I always feel badly. I really do love him for being so caring.
    ~CaraMia~ Married to my HS sweetheart since 7/2/10 Celebrating 10 years together 6/3/12! Anniversary
  • Don't worry about it - you're super busy right now!

    My husband does things like that for me all the time too and it's great to have the extra hand :) But it's true, if you both live in the house, everything is BOTH of your responsibility. The laundry, the dishes, the landscaping, etc. It's not like your lying around not doing anything!

    Piling everything on top of yourself is only going to hurt yourself and potentially your relationship in the long run from being run down and overwhelmed, you know?

  • That is wonderful!  You're so lucky.  Def' let him know you appreciate it. 

    It sounds also like he might enjoy doing the kitchen.  I myself like cleaning the kitchen (Its' the only room I feel that way about - plus we have streaming internet TV on the counter now)  In a gentle way - see if there are other things he likes doing... making pizzas, grilling, laundry etc.  (My DH likes shopping - esp. when my girls were babies I would make long lists of things and he would go from store to store comparing prices etc.)  Even now - he is still good at buying groceries/house supplies.

    It is a lot easier I think if each of you gets to do things you like - rather than feeling like you HAVE to do things.

    GL with your super-busy schedule. :)


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