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MIL coming to stay today... What have I forgotten to clean?

What are those places that you always forget to clean, and then are startled how dusty they are when you remember?

Re: MIL coming to stay today... What have I forgotten to clean?

  • Well if it was my MIL was coming to stay I'd make sure that I had cleaned off my meat cleaver because she makes me feel pretty homicidal.

    However assuming that you like your MIL, the place I forget to clean the most is inside the medicine cabinet.  It can get pretty cluttered, and H will throw in his razor with out rinsing it off well, or my moisturizer will drip on it. 

    Other than that sometimes I forget to clean under the TV stand well.  There's all kinds of A/V cables and crap under it, and running a vacuum alone just doesn't do the job well enough so I usually have to get under there with a damp swiffer cloth, lift all of the cables up, wipe them and the floor down etc. 

    Under my couch is always a disaster with dog and cat toys, forgotten socks from doing laundry while watching tv and stuff.  I never forget to clean under there because I know it gets so bad so quickly, but that might be one that some people forget about.

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    Top edges of light switches, tops of door and window molding (if she's a giant or will be on ladders :) ), tops of electronics (I always forget the little ADT alarm box and key pad hanging on our walls and they get gross), remotes, phones, picture frames, door rails and styles on our panel doors, window sills, top of the fridge.
  • the cracks between your sofa cushions (my MIL is always seeing what she can find buried in my couch)

    kids or dog toys

    blankets and fabrics should look and smell clean

    ceiling fans should be wiped down

    yard should be tidy

    kids and dogs should be and smell clean

    the house should smell really good to avoid MIL from looking for dirty-ness

    (even though i'm a clean freak my MIL seems to always find something. ive learned that as long as my house smells amazing, she tends to not look for dirty-ness. my MIL is also big on having everything that belongs to her son and grand kids super clean; other wise she considers you a horrible mother and wife, and not worthy of her son.)

    hope this helps! 


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  • I could care less if my MIL came to stay and found something dirty. Especially since I work and have a small child. You don't like the accommodations, you can stay at a hotel.

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  • sit on your toilet with the door closed. what can you see?
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  • image KateLouise:
    sit on your toilet with the door closed. what can you see?


  • I always notice people don't clean behind their bathroom theory is you might not close it all the way at home. But when you visit someone else's house and use the potty, you do close the door and sit there and look around for a minute while you go...and that's where I always see hair balls in the corner

  • image KateLouise:
    sit on your toilet with the door closed. what can you see?

    this is exactly what I meant...didn't read the responses before i posted!

  • Definitely on top of baseboards and lightswitch covers. 

    I always forget to dust the blinds, too. Sad
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  • :::lurker coming out:::

    baseboards, top edge of light switches

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  • Just going to make a list of often-forgotten items here:

    Blinds, window frames, mirrors, light switches/outlets, door knobs, the edges of doors and corners that may have dirty fingerprints, ceiling fans, sweeping spiderwebs from porch and around the front door, baseboards, table/chair legs, TV screens.


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