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We are going to be Homeowners :)

For weeks now, I have been dying to tell you all about this, but wanted to wait until we're under contract because I did not want to jinx it.

Last year, when we were looking for homes, we found this beautiful community a few miles away from the town we live in.  It's only about 15 minute drive from all of our friends, in the same county.  The community comes up to the Harriman State Park and has two lakes that are limited to the residents only.  One lake is for swimming and one for fishing.  There are also other lakes in the park to use.  The community also has a huge baby playground, basketball court, and a huge meadow on which the residents organize holiday parties, birthdays and such.

I wanted to be in that community the moment we found out it existed, and we saw some 5 homes there.  The one we are buying was out of our pricerange, but it looks like the owners decided to lower the price by 45K this January, and that's when we found it, and rushed to put an offer in.  This was the first house we saw in that community. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fireplace and an unfinished basement. It needs some work, like new roof and some rooms have really crappy wood paneling which we will remove and put in sheetrock walls.  It also needs a new electric panel. But, my dad is a contractor, DH is super handy and we are friends with an electrician who said he will put in the electric panel for free.  That means the most important renovations will cost us close to nothing (my dad is friends with a roofer who will give us a discount long as we buy the materials).  All painting and tiling we can do ourselves with my dad's help.

 There is a nice yard that is sloped so we will put in some retaining walls and fence the whole thing in. I think that's where the most money might be spent because in this county it's required that all retaining walls over 3' tall be built by a contractor. 

On Friday, we signed the contract and are now looking for a loan.  The owners seem very motivated to sell as they have fixed the leak in the bathroom, gotten the termite treatment and replaced the septic tank on our request.  They can't wait to move down to Florida, and have been on the market with the house for over a year, so they really wanted to sell, and are setting a closing date for May 30.  I am so excited!!!

I hope everything goes well from here :)  I am so happy I could finally share this with you, Ladies :)

Re: We are going to be Homeowners :)

  • OMG I am so happy for you!!!!  That sounds so wonderful, Congrats!!!  Home-ownership is such a fun adventure.  We just bought our first home this past November :-)  Good for you for doing so now and not waiting till you have a little one lol, we moved when Vinny was a month old... I would NOT recommend that even to my worst enemy haha!!  So very exciting !  Keep us updated!!
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  • Yay, that's super exciting! Congrats. :)
  • That's so exciting!! Congrads!!
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  • Aww yay! Congrats! It's such a rush when you sign the papers :) Keep us updated on the moving progress!
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  • OMG!!  Congrats!!!  Hope it all goes well over the next month.  Can't wait to see some photos.  :)

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  • Congrats! What exciting news! So happy for you! Keep us updated on the renovations and good luck! 


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