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Traveling with very recent rescue

Hi ladies - I've posted on this board a couple times before as we considered rescue and have always gotten great advice. We are finally taking the plunge on a rescue who is arriving on a transport from SC next weekend!

A little background - he was pulled by the rescue from a shelter about 6-8 weeks ago and has been living with a foster family since then. I've had lots of contact with the foster mom to learn about him. He's been living very successfully in their home with young kids (like ours), fully housetrained and crate trained (even though I fully expect some regression, she said she was surprised that he has not had one accident in her home.) All in all, from her experience, a pretty mellow, easy-going guy.

Unfortunately, we have an out of state travel commitment the weekend after he moves in. It is literally the only weekend for months that we are supposed to travel, but obviously couldn't change the transport date and I regrettably can't miss the other obligation. We will be driving there (about a 5hr drive) and staying with my parents who are happy to have us bring the dog. We can bring the crate and, aside from the small time commitment at an event, will be home with my parents the rest of the time with tons of time to spend with the dog. I am taking the 5 days off work between when he comes home and when we need to leave to help get him adjusted.

I guess my question is - will traveling with him so soon after he gets here be a complete disaster for his adjustment? And what can i do to minimize the stress?

Re: Traveling with very recent rescue

  • He most likely will not care. It may help to give him some Rescue remedy and maybe use a DAP collar.

    Hopefully someone else has more advice for you.

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  • I think taking him with you will be less traumatic than your other alternatives (pet sitters, boarding, etc). He sounds like he's adjusted nicely to his fosters home, so there is a good chance he will adjust nicely in with you.

    How does he do on car rides? If he enjoys them, I'm sure that will help. 

    I'm not much help with suggestions to minimize stress, unfortunately. Make sure he's eating the same thing he did at the fosters, and that you don't try to change up his diet before the trip. 

    Good luck! I'm sure it won't be as bad as you think. And if it is, you don't really have too many other options! Gotta do what ya gotta do! 

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  • I wouldn't worry too much, taking a trip won't be more traumatic then relocating. We had to drive our rescue 14 hours home and she went to a tournament with me a few weeks later. My biggest worry would be not eating/stomach upset due to stress. I know a few people give wet food on long trips or peanut butter to encourage eating. If you decide to do that I would try it at home so you don't get any big D on the trip. If they seem stressed just crate them in a quiet area and give them some space. There a few over the counter meds like rescue remedy that might help. I would also take them out more often because you probably won't know their potty habits yet and excitement can make them need to go more often. 
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