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NROFWL at home?

I hear this workout mentioned all of the time on here and I am curious if it is something you can do at home and what types of weights would I need.

Re: NROFWL at home?

  • I did it home the first time.  I had adjustable dumbbells up to 50# ea, a bench, two barbells and plates for them, a Swiss ball, and a chin up bar. my bench supports went high enough so that I could do back squats. 

    Youre definitely going to need heavy weights. I was doing over 100# for dead lifts by the end. There are modifications you can do, but to get the most out of the program you will want a good set up. 

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  • Thanks for the input. My husband and I were looking at dumbbells and barbells the other night to price things out for what we would want!
  • Honestly, unless you're going to get a whole weight system I would find it really hard to do at home. I've already majorly increased my weights (about halfway through the second stage now) and you don't want to be limited in how quickly you increase your weights. Also, some of the exercises seem like they would require the proper equipment (like lat pulls and a cable cross machine).

    Like PP said, I am close to doing more than 100lb. deadlifts. Squats are a similar weight and I've bumped up to 25lb. for certain arm lifts (started at 12.5 to 15lb.).

    If you do want to try it at home, I would take a look through each exercise and make sure you understand how to modify it with the equipment you have or are willing to buy. And make sure you get a nice range of weights. 

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  • I did it at home with adjustable dumbbells.  I didn't have any barbells.  So I substituted and I still think I got a lot out of the program.  For me it was more convienent to do it at home since I work full time and have a young child.
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