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pet protection-- help!

I inherited my husband's messy dog who is ruining my suggestions to keep it clean?  I can't get rid of the dog ( or the DH!)

Re: pet protection-- help!

  • It would help to have some more details - what do you mean "messy"?  Is the dog tracking dirt/mud on his paws?  Is he drooling on the couch?  Is he eating on the couch and leaving crumbs? 

    In general, there are a few options for keeping the couch (and other furniture) clean: (1) don't allow the dog on the couch (plenty of people ban their pets from some/all furniture); (2) cover the couch with a slip cover, sheet, blanket, whatever so that you can just wash that and can take it off when company comes over; (3) allow the dog on the couch and clean up after him; (4) if the dog is actually dirty, you can wipe his paws and/or bathe him to make sure he doesn't track stuff onto the couch.  Like I said, if you give some more details, it might be easier to offer specific suggestions. 

  • I vacuum the sofa a few times a week, wipe it with a wet cloth, and keep is covered with blankets for the dogs.  Oh and we furminate them pretty regularly.
    image "...Saving just one pet won't change the world...but, surely, the world will change for that one pet..."
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