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natural face wash/shampoo/soap/toothpaste

I'm disgusted by all the junk that's in my everyday products! I'm trying to switch over to all natural products. I just saw a post for homemade shampoo on this board and it really got me thinking. Please share your homemade recipes for everyday products! Thanks!

Re: natural face wash/shampoo/soap/toothpaste

  • I've been using a shampoo bar that i like (, but i switch shampoos pretty often... whatever appeals at the time and is available in bulk (refill my container) at the co-op.

    Hand soap in our house is dr. bronners + water + EOs in a foaming hand pump.

    For cleanser i use the oil cleansing method (usually avocado oil, but sometimes EVOO + castor). 

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  • For my face, I also use the oil cleansing method with EVOO + castor oil.

    For shampoo I use Nature's Gate.  After trying many others (Gudonya, Avalon Organics, Burt's Bees and a few others) this is the one that works best for my hair.

    For soap, we use Dr. B's for hand soap, and natural stuff (forget what brand) from Whole Foods for the shower.

    For toothpaste, I haven't found a natural one that I like.  I've tried Burt's Bees and Tom's and just never felt like my mouth was clean.


  • face: I use Burt's Bees or oil cleansing (EVOO and/or castor)

    shampoo:  I use baking soda wash + lemon juice/water rinse, and/or Nature's Gate conditioner (not shampoo)

    Deep Treatments are various mixes of pure aloe vera gel/EVOO/jojoba oil/Vit E oil/coconut oil.

    Hair gel:  Homemade flax seed gel

    soap: hand soap is Dr. B + water in foaming dispenser

    lotion: coconut oil (I am looking for some raw shea butter to add to that)

    toothpaste:  I heard that you can do coconut oil + baking soda....but haven't tried it.

    Organic Virgin Coconut oil and organic aloe vera (as pure as you can find) are well used at our house!


  • recently i've been using Nature's Gate (cherry) kids toothpaste.  I dip my wet toothbrush in some bicarb then put some paste on.  my teeth are uber clean and still feel clean next time i go to brush.  I sometime use peroxide as a mouth wash.

    Dr B for body soap.

    Hand soap, shampoo bar and lotion are something local.

    using Avalon Organics Vitamin C facial products. 

  • Face wash: I'm still going back and forth between oil cleansing method and honey and my expensive million-ingredient stuff (I just can't get convinced of OCM yet).

    Shampoo: baking soda with ACV rinse.

    Hand soap: local soap mixed with water in a foaming pump

    Shower soap: Canus goat milk bar soap

    Toothpaste: regular stuff (I'm picky about toothpaste, haven't found a "natural" one I like)


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  • I use goatmilkstuff tea tree soap for my face. I also use their other soaps for hand soap and body soap. I use Tom's toothpaste and instead of mouthwash I do oil pulling every morning. For shampoo I use a mixture of distilled water, castile soap and a touch of olive oil. 

  • Face Wash: Dessert Essence -Thoroghly Clean Face Wash.  I LOVE this stuff.  My face has been so clear since I started using it (at least a year ago). 

    Toothpaste: Natural Dentist 

  • For my face I usually use burts bees but I have been trying that simple stuff and so far I enjoy.

    Hands I use Mrs Meyers but I use all her cleaning products

    Shampoo I use natures gate but when I have the money I like to just have cleansers sent from India

    Shower soaps I vary. We have a store which is like whole foods but its locally owned and they have so many things in there and I change it up every month until I find something I like more than anything else. My favorite is Chandrika which is an Indian soap it's pretty amazing.

    And I use Tom's of Maine toothpaste. Some people don't feel it gets clean enough but it's very gentle and that's something I need. 

  • natural face wash = sugar & water scrub

    shampoo = baking soda (vinegar rinse)

    soap = oatmeal & water scrub

    toothpaste =baking soda

  • I use organix!!! I love them. 
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