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Another crate training issue...advice needed!

LexiMSLexiMS member
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So our foster pup just got out of the hospital for a respiratory infection and we are trying to really focus on housebreaking.  He is about 5 months old, but has been a stray/in shelter/in hospital, so has never worked on housebreaking.  We have him in crate when we can't supervise/aren't home.  Twice today it was for less then an hour, he had just been outside and gone, and he pees in his crate AND appears to be licking it up. He is soaked in urine. Also, he slept through the night on our bed just fine, without accidents.

The crate is small enough, and we have left him with a stuffed kong (that he has gotten most of the stuffing out of)



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Re: Another crate training issue...advice needed!

  • Since he just got out of the hospital, he may be a little out of whack (and he's still very young).  I would have him on a very strict schedule, take him out often, and be consistent.  I would also consider feeding him in his crate and having him sleep in there (rather than on your bed) so he associates it more strongly with his space.  Are you also cleaning up the accidents with an enzymatic cleaner (like Nature's Miracle)?  If the accidents continue, I would check in with the vet - he may be in pain or have some lingering symptoms of the respiratory infection that are causing him to have accidents.
  • Don't forget the high value treats for when he goes outside and lots of praise.  Use a command word like potty, to help him associate.  Take him out often, and leash him to you or keep him in your sight while in the house so you can see when he starts fidgeting like he's got to go.

  • Our new pup had the same thing happen, twice.  Not pretty.

     What helped for us Was what a PP mentioned--sleeping and eating in the crate. It helps him feel like its his space, and he won't want to poop or pee in his own space.  It happened pretty quickly for our guy, even though he is a bit separation anxious.  He was crate trained within a week, and he is an 8 month old rescue.

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