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storing baby clothes

What method would work best?  I have piles and piles down in the basement.  They are not sorted or folded or anything.  
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Re: storing baby clothes

  • I use either the large glad storage bags "big bags" or large empty diaper boxes. Write on side and they go on the shelf in the spare closet or basement.  I get rid of anything that is really stained or too faded that I wouldn't use again. I do by season, I was able to pull out some spring stuff from last year to use again this spring that still fits (barely).
  • Make sure they're clean, first of all. Treat any stains and re-wash as necessary. Do any mending that needs done (tighten buttons, fix fallen hems, etc) so everything is ready to be used again. Donate anything that you can't see yourself using again. If something is too stained to use or is beyond simple mending, throw it out.

    Fold everything, sort according to size and store them. I'd use plastic bins if you'll be keeping them in the basement, in case of any moisture. Cardboard boxes are fine if you're storing them within the living area of the house.

  • Agree w PP. Clean/mend things you plan to keep. Toss heavily stained or damaged clothes.  Fold and sort by size then store in plastic bins.

    We kept DDs clothes up to 2-3T as we plan to have one more child. We also kept gender neutral clothing which has come in handy with DS who is 2 months old now.

     We store by size in plastic storage bins in our attic.

  • I have them in the large storage bins. I thinki i use a 16 gallon. I purchase the same color, size and a few at a time, usualy when they are on sale. Before packing in the boxes, i weed out anything staind or down right hiddious that came from my MIL. Then, pack them away and lable the tote. Stack on the rack in the garage
  • My favorite are those long, skinny plastic tubs that you can slide under the bed. FI and I live in a 1BR apt, so they're great when you don't have a lot of other storage options. Like PP have said, definitely think about donating any clothes you don't think you'll ever use again - that way you're not taking up any valuable space, you won't have to deal with them again, and you're doing some good all at the same time. 
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  • I use a jumbo size space bag tote for each size.  I put boy and girl together since some of it is gender neutral.  We're eon our 3rd child going through the clothes and this has worked out well in our tiny house. The 2 yr old is our last and I now go through anything she outgrows or is too boyish for her and either take them to the consignment shop or salvation army.
  • I've been using clear plastic organization bins, about the size of four shoeboxes stacked on top of each other.  I would size the clothes aproximately (this is the worst part, just do a rough sort), try to keep matchy outfits together, and do loads of wash when you can.  Just pile them in the boxes clean and unfolded by size, laying matchy outfits together.

    The sizes are such a pita for me since the brands are all cut differently, etc.  For ex my kid  can still wear size 3-6 mos in one brand, it is just beginning to get tight in the bottom, but he's in 9-12mos overall. So I had to just tell myself where the lines were, and I decided nb/0-3mo, then 3mos/3-6mos, then 6mos/6-9mos/6-12mos, etc.  I just ignore the 2nd number and sort: 0/nb, then 3, then 6, etc.

    I can always toss the 3-6mo outfits he is currently wearing back into the box for size 3mos if I remember (it did fit fine at that time, but overall it must be bigger than the stuff he's outgrown). 


    ds born may 2011
  • No kiddos of my own but my BFF has two little ones. She found the large clear plastic totes to be the most useful. She stored them by age range.She used a large piece of paper and clearly listed what was inside and then taped that to the inside with the text facing out so they could be seen (advantage of the clear totes). She would list size, season, specific outfits, if it was something special, or specific items of clothing like jackets and coats.
  • What I usually do is go through them decide which ones to toss (heavily stained), sale, or donate. Once I've done that I make sure that all clothes have been washed/are clean. Then I will put them in the plastic storage bins or as a PP mentioned I've recently started using old diaper boxes...though now that DD is only in diapers at night I guess I'll have to stick with the storage bins...the boxes are just a more convient/cheap method! Oh, yeah and I also sort them by size when packing, as well as season. SOME of DDs old clothes are still big enough to fit from last year.
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