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So yeah...

Its been forever and a day since I've been on here but I wanted to say hello to everyone and see what everyone is up to.  I'm trying to find a balance between work and home life, and its hard.  I am WAY too dedicated to my job, which is a good thing at times, but lately I'm really struggling to make and find the time to do anything fun.  Or relaxing for that matter.

How is everyone???

Not much new here.  Still loving the newish job; will be here a year in May.  Can't believe how quickly time flew.  In less than three months of being here, I got a huge promotion and am now running an entire clinic on my own (I work for a Wellness Chiropractor).  We have grown exponentially in the 7+ months and I'm now busy enough that I can get an assistant which is awesome.  H & I are struggling to find time for each other outside of running errands and household duties.  How do you do it?!  I work ridiculous hours and my time off is never when his is, but we have the majority of the weekend after my shift on Saturday.

Anyway, just wanted to check in with all of you ladies and see how everyone is doing. 

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Re: So yeah...

  • That is awesome! I'm glad things are going well for you.

    I started a new job in November and I LOVE it. Well, I love my organization (government contractor) and I love the world of contracting. I don't love my client so much (they are ok, just known for being bullies and have a very "one day you're in, the next day you're out" attitude about their staff. Somehow I've been able to maintain my "favorite" status), but I'm in the early, early stages of negotiating rolling off of this contract and onto another one my organization has that would make my commute 15 minutes instead of and hour and 15!! So please cross your fingers that it works out.

    My career is also pretty demanding, DH and I both go to the gym 5-6 days a week, and with a little one at home, DH and I rarely get time to just be the two of us. We hired a cleaning lady! She comes twice a month and it has made things so much easier. Now DH and I just need to worry about keeping things wiped up and doing laundry (which my MIL folds while watching my DS...yeah, we're completely spoiled. She also loads/unloads the dishwasher during the day and keeps the counters wiped up while she is there). It takes a HUGE burden off of us and I wish we had done it years ago.

    Other than that, I recommend scheduling "date nights" like they are work meetings. And don't reschedule them! 

  • We are doing good. Our little guy turned 3 last month. Im thinking that 3's are worse than 2's. He also just starting sleeping in his big boy bed and some nights that  is a struggle in itself.

    Date Nights!! With out these DH and I would never get alone time. We try and do this once a month.

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  • Nothing much super exciting here. I got a new car about 6mths ago and I am still in love with it. I can't wait for all the snow to be gone so I can make her work! Not that I haven't already, I kinda got a fat speeding ticket last month.

    Me and the Mr are still at our same jobs and both are going fine. The Mr is trying to work his way up the ladder while i'm trying not to strangle my boss. I just realized the other day I have been there 5 years already. That made me a bit depressed actually, I always thought i'd move on before I rolled around to that milestone.

    We're all going to Newfoundland this summer. Me, the Mr and my parents to visit my sister. I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun!!!

  • Another vote for date night.  I've been working the Groupon/Living Social deals for our area for new places to visit which has been fun.  some have been great, others - well its been obvious they're trying to drum up business and not doing it successfully.  It is an adventure either way!  

    As for us, we're trucking along.  Remodeling is going slowly but surely (We're insulating tonight - oh boy) and DH is waiting to hear about a new job.  His current company is basically staffed by middle school girls masquerading as middle aged men.  Totally obnoxious and he's eager to get out.  The new gig could be really great for him if it works out.  

    We're still at the beginning stages of our TTC mystery.  DH had his first appointment with a urologist this week which was enlightening.  he's got some more testing to do and he goes back for another visit in a few months.  Progress is painfully slow on this one but hopefully that means the Doc is a good one since he's hard to get in to see!   


  • I'm glad you posted -- I was thinking it had been a month or so since we'd had our last update and was going to try to encourage an update if no one else did soon.  Smile

    We finished our short sale and are now home owners (even though the bank owns far more than we do at this point).  I love the house and lot SO MUCH.  I sit at the kitchen table with our great yard looking at me through the window and feel like I'm on vacation or something -- it's amazing.  There are no decorations up and the extra room and office are a mess of boxes but the kitchen, living room and bedroom are in good shape.  

    I have a new show (Seussical) opening in two weeks and my cast is amazing -- we could have opened a week early!  Once the show opens, I'll have a couple weeks to do some more work on getting the house put together and then I start our summer show.  

    DH and I have worked out our schedules so that we almost always have Mondays off together.  Sometimes we do house/yard work/errands together and sometimes we do something fun together, but either way, I truly believe this is a marriage saver for us.  If we didn't have that, we would definitely need to firmly schedule date nights because the rest of our week doesn't have coinciding schedules unless it's not show season (August to January).  No matter how busy things are, I hope you can make adjustments for more time together!   

  • Nice to catch up with everyone!

    I've been laying low, since I haven't haven't been feeling particularly positive. My job is a nightmare. I LOVE my work, but with an incompetent manager, it's hard to stay above water. Our department is also very diverse not just in ethnicity, but in age, and experience, and most days are kinds of like playing Survivor- choosing alliances, using information to one's advantage, things like that. Frankly I'm 38 years old, and have never been adept at navigating a social landscape, so that this has become part of my daily life is really frustrating. And that my manager stands by and even encourages this nonsense is appalling. Leaving isn't really an option right now- if I can survive I'm afforded a certain level of security (and free medical for my entire family), so it's hard to find a better deal. 

    The whole thing has left me really tired. I've been trying to clear my schedule, and even cancelled my cycling coaching contract, to try and get some extra rest. Right now it's a day to day thing. 

    I'm lucky to have good friends and a supportive husband, b/c otherwise I'd lose my mind! Just waiting for the storm to pass....

  • It's been up and down here.  My husband still has his job, but now his gone every week to Florida.  It's been 5 years of being a weekend wife.  Some things I like (TV control, no cooking) but mostly I miss him a lot.

    My daughter and her husband are employed again...yeah!  Heather had 4 job offers in 3 weeks.  She's a fighter.  She is almost 7 months pregnant and doing well.  All the tests are back and normal.  The name they picked is Aubrey Danielle.  The nursery is done and the shower is on May 5...so we are on track.

    I'm tired!  It's been a year of ups followed by crashes, and I'm just tired.  I'd like to sleep for a week.  Oh well....

    The Megamillions lottery tonight is 540,000,000.  Yes, over half a Billion.  I think I'll buy a ticket Yes

    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
  • We have plenty of time for each other now. I was cut to part-time a couple weeks ago. It has been good with TTC, but now I am getting bored.

    TTC for us is not going well. We found out DH has no sperm and are having to use a sperm donor. We did our 1st IUI last month and it didnt work. We are now on to IUI#2, so at the end of April we will know if it worked. If this one doesnt work we will be on to IVF.

    I'm glad to see everyone is doing well!

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    Me: PCOS, annovulatory DH: azoo
    IUI#1 w/ DS (5mg Letrozole + HCG)= BFN~~~
    IUI#2 w/DS = BFN IVF#1- Jan/2013=?
  • Wow!  So much going on for everyone!  It was great reading everyone's catch-ups.

    We have been trying the date night deal and it mostly works; I'm honestly just tired of working 12-14+ hour days during the week.  By the time I get home, I'm beat and don't feel like doing anything but sitting in front of the tv.  We are trying so hard to get H's credit card paid off and its frustrating b/c every time we think we have a little money to do something or to pay on it, another thing breaks and we are back to square one.  I keep saying we need to do a budget, but we never do.  We obviously need some major guidance; not just financially but on how to balance life as well.  hehe

    H is still in school full time AND working full time, so with that and my work schedule sucking, we don't have time for each other.  I know that once he is done w/ school (at the end of this year!) things will be a lot better since he won't be running from the two; I just have to find a way to get my schedule better so that we can actually use the time together productively.  Once I get an assistant, I won't have to work so much but the unknown is WHEN that will happen.

    So yeah, that's about that.  :) 

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