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It's getting to be not funny any more


Re: It's getting to be not funny any more

  • I know I'm never on anymore, but I just wanna show you some love and support Tofu.  Know we are here for you to bittch about your situation anytime.  You deserve a good bittching sesh.  It sucks and to be honest, I have no idea how I'd ever handle it.


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  • Thanks for the pick me up. I was just having a moment of weakness, but I'm good now. Back to cracking bad jokes at dr's offices and hospitals. ECG tech told me that he needed a "bare chest" for the test (erm, the other ones didn't...) and to strip from the waist up. He said that there was no need to be uncomfortable and I told him that I wasn't, I have a pretty great rack. I figure if I make them blush first it's not so bad.

    Then he lifted my pant legs to attach the sticky thingies and visibly recoiled at my record length leg hair (We're Canadian and don't shave around here during hockey season. And I'm lazy.) and I told him that I shave daily but the steroids have my leg hair raging out of control like a 5 o'clock shadow. Which isn't true, but I have noticed that my nostril hair has gotten crazy long since starting the steroids. LIke, I'm going to ask for a nose hair trimmer for easter kind of long. Ick.

    I've also been taking blood thinners which, as Lorryfach so kindly pointed out - or Tuppence. WTF is wrong with me that I mix the two of you up! I think it's because you're both so freaking funny, I now look like a haemophiliac, which I pass off to dr's and nurses as spousal abuse. 

    So now on top of being diseased and having recently had a stroke, I've now got the flu. DH has the flu as well, with a touch of the Man Flu with it, so of course it's hit him harder than any human being has had to endure ever. Although after seeing a dr about it today (seriously. I should have just got a new flat next to the hospital) and being told that no, it's not anything sinister, just a flu-y like virus that needs to run its' course we're now debating whether or not my lack of fever is due to the arse load of immunosuppressants that I'm on and I'm really raging with illness and about to die or if I'm really fine and it's the sarcoidies that is making me feel like crap. Mind you, we're also debating on whether or not we can give the cat the flu by sneezing and coughing all over him and making him sleep with the sick kids - because we figure that if he gets the flu he will at least shut the hell up for a couple of days due to a sore throat or something. Noisy bastard. 

    So I'm good. Kind of. Well, at least I'm out of my depressed funk about it all. For now. 


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