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Weekly Check in

How did everyone do last week?

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Re: Weekly Check in

  • I lost about 2 lbs last week, but most of that was from barely being able to eat without feeling sick. I also ran 12 miles (major cutback since I'm not technically "training" for another week), and my body just freaking hates me.
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  • I didn't lose anything this week. Which is really frustrating cause I worked my ass off last week. I ran 4 times, lifted twice and went to yoga (which was one of my goals last week, not sure if I like it) I'm thinking about taking a little break from the scale. My pants are getting bigger and I feel like I look better but its frustrating to not see the numbers on the scale change.

    Every week my mileage increases preparing for my 5 mile race. This week is 4.5 miles, farther then I've every ran! My pace is maintaining around a 12mm which is were I want to be during the race and I still have 3 weeks until race weekend.

    This week my goal is to stay hydrated. I feel thirsty on my runs and I think it will help with this plateau that I've hit.


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  • I lost 4 pounds this past week, for a grand total of 45.6. I have 18 more pounds to go to my goal. I went on three 5-mile walks Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Despite the fact that Tuesday-Thursday I had the flu. Thursday, Friday, and most of Saturday I mostly just laid on the couch and went through tissues like nobody's business.

    My goals for this week are to hit 5 miles walked, at least, every day. (3-4 miles usually every day at work) and to go lifting one more time, since I went today. 

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  • I lost 4.6 lbs last week putting me at 32 lbs gone! I am hoping to get to 35 pounds this week as that is my 'half way point' for my ultimate goal.

    I am feeling well and enjoying that I can wear certain clothes again and/or can't fit into the bigger things anymore...still a long road ahead, but I am excited about my progress so far.

    I will be out walking a few times this week with my friend and plan to get in a few extra workouts at home as well, which could include some much need spring cleaning upstairs (continuing from March Break) and/or yard work.

    Congrats Lexi on being so close to your goal!! That is super exciting!

  • Thank you!

    Congrads to you too! 32 pounds is a big deal! 

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  • So I am going to make a confession and say that I forgot to weigh myself today!  And I'm only my 1st week in haha!  We had to be up and out early today to take Vinny to his Dr.s appointment which was rough for me because we are 2nd shift people :-)  I promise to weight myself tomorrow morning and then check in!  Also I had to send in my phone to get a screen crack repaired so I don't have my MFP app which sucks!!!

    Anyway, congrats to all of you and your hard work!  


    EDIT:  Well I lost a whole pound!!  I'm at 152.4 today. I have to say it's hard to try to eat right and workout when you have a 5 month old... Just going to keep working on recording my food intake and trying to get moving! 

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