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{ lizzie }

i can't believe you're almost 25 weeks along!

how are you feeling?

when is your due date?

is your mom coming over for the birth?  mil?

Re: { lizzie }

  • I know -- I can't really believe it either. ?It's going slow but fast at the same time. ?It seems like we have our antenatal classes in December, and then the hoildays are here and then I just have to work through January until the baby is here. ?Hardly enough time to get myself prepared but people assure me that I'll do it.

    ?I'm feeling okay. ?I'm not sleeping all that well so I'm tired a lot of the day but otherwise I'm just fine :)??Sciatica sucks but I accept it at this point and have decided to stop crying about it to anyone but Gar. He always gets to hear me whine!

    I'm due Feb 16th although when they looked at him at the big u/s they said it could be Feb 9th because he was looking big, but otherwise completely normal. Was Milo "on time" or were you induced?

    My mother will be coming over when the baby comes, although no definite plans have been laid down. We just figure she'll buy a ticket for the end of February. ?For some reason my dad keeps saying that the baby is coming in March even though I keep telling him that my doctor would never let me go until March. I think he wants a St Paddys baby. ?I think at that point I will want to pop! ?My MIL lives only around 10 miles away so she can come over whenever she pleases...I guess. If she tells me not to pat my stomach one more time she won't ever be able to touch the baby.

    When are you guys moving to the US and what does your MIL have to say about it??

  • Oooh not sleeping well is the pits.  The last few weeks I slept on the sofa because it was more comfortable than our bed.

    I hope you have a Valentines baby!  That would be so lovely!

    Milo was bloody late.  My midwife was insane.  Throughout the whole pregnancy, every time she would see me she'd say, "You're never going to make it to your dute date, that baby is ready!"  Um...not so much.  I was induced and had my waters broken.

    Why can't you pat your stomach?

    We're not 100% sure!  We're 90% sure we'll move back to Seattle, but part of me just wants to move somewhere totally new!  My MIL is pissed.  She gets little digs in every time I see her. It is so tiresome.  But I just remind myself she is a sad sad woman and we'll be far away from her soon enough!

  • image xabbyx:
    Why can't you pat your stomach?

    I have no idea. Every time I do it she yells at me to stop. I've told her numerous times that she can get pregnant and call the shots but until then and when I do it again she yells at me again. ?I don't know what her issue with it is. I'm just ignoring her.

    I don't want to be induced (I don't know anyone who does!), and I really don't want to have my waters broken because I have heard it hurts badly so I don't want the doctor to be wrong but everyone goes late with their first so I doubt James will just come. My boss keeps getting worried that I'll go super early like one of her employees did years ago and it's freaking me out. ?She had the baby at 30 weeks or something and if my boss says "But what if you go very early like M" one more time I'll scream. Or just give her really nasty looks...when she's not looking.

    Did you fly at all when you were pregnant??

  • I didn't want to be induced either, but by the time 38+ weeks rolled around, oh my god I was ready to go.  Someone, anyone, INDUCE ME!

    We did fly.  We went to Venice in late December and Milo was born mid April...I have no idea how many weeks I was now...but the flight was short and it was easy!  I'd say take as many trips as you can now!  You'll of course be able to travel post James, but it's so much easier when they're contained!

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