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IUD or Nuvaring

Today I planned on getting an IUD placed but instead walked out of the OB/GYN with a nuvaring. I some what feel like I got gipped out of my decision. The Dr. was pretty hesitant about inserting an IUD, and leaned more towards the Nuvaring. Did I make the right choice?

Re: IUD or Nuvaring

  • That's interesting.  What was the Dr's reasoning for not inserting that IUD.  (I have a feeling you are going to say it's because you haven't had kids but I'm just curious.)  If that is the case, you can def get one without having children.  Most of my family is in that boat and we don't have kids, it just makes the insertion process easier.  I did like the Nuvaring too (still way easier than the pill) but I like my IUD better.

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  • Nuvaring is work you need to do, just remember that. An IUD is in for the duration either 5 years or 10 years depending on which one. I used Nuvaring and I didn't like it. 
  • I don't think I'd be comfortable with Nuvaring, I would be worried I wouldn't put it in right. My mother in law basically told me to never get and IUD until I've had kids b/c in some cases it causes infertility. It can get imbedded, and some women don't notice until it's too late. I know those are rare cases, but that scares me so I just sick with the pill, and don't take my placebo pills.

    That's just my two cents though, good luck and I hope you find something that works for you

  • I just made an apt to get my IUD taken out. It has caused me nothing but pain. The OB is giving me a sample of NR to see if it works. If it doesn't I'm going to be doing condoms and NFP
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  • Hi I was gonna ask for the people who has it, for how long you had the IUD?  any side effects?  I'm thinking about it, but I'm really scared of all the side effects, not birth control seems to be safe this is really hard?
  • NuvaRing is the same hormones as the dual pill so, in that respect, if you've taken bcps then you're in for the same experience.

    Some doctors are hesitant about putting an IUD in a woman who has never had a child.  Did your doc say something about that?  

    In the end, I feel like your birth control choice is up to you as long as you make informed consent.  If you don't like the NuvaRing, go back and ask for the IUD.  Listen to what the doc has to say and if you still want it, look for a new doctor.  Mine was more than willing to put it in me without having had a kid so this topic is a bit controversial.

    Personally, I wouldn't get one before having children.  But, this is only because there is a risk (it's so small that I'm sure I'm being crazy) of it embedding in your uterus and causing serious damage.  I don't want to run that risk without first having a child, but this my personal feeling on the subject.

  • I know some doctors don't like inserting an IUD if you've never had children. Apparently it makes complications a bigger possibility. I dunno. :S
  • I have had MIrena for 3 years. I do have children. The insertion was uncomfortable and it was good to have someone there to drive me home. The great thing about Mirena is that most people have a few months of occasional spotting and then no periods after that until it is removed after 5 years. I have had no problems with Mirena. Ask the doctor to cut the strings short so that you can barely touch them so our H will not feel them. When Mirena first came out the doctors sometimes left the strings too long and people said their H could feel them. 
  • It depends on your situation. Have you had kids before? If not, the nuvaring won't potentially cause sterility, whereas the IUD can. Do you have a history of endometriosis or other menstrual issues? If so, you are at a higher risk of side effects from the IUD. Are you breastfeeding? If so, the nuvaring can affect your supply, so your doc probably should have given you the IUD. There are also 2 IUDs, and if you want hormonal birth control but his office only has the copper one with no hormones, that could be a reason.

    I personally used the ring for many years and liked it much better than the pill.

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  • I've used the nuvaring for 6 years.  You can't "put it in wrong."  It's very similiar to putting in a tampon(without an applicator, of course).  It's one of the lowest does of hormones on the market.  I had the least amount of side effects from the NR.  I also tried the patch, depo, and multiple pills.  I went off the NR in September to prepare my body for TTC and had one wonky cycle and have had regular cycles since then.  (I was never regular before BC.)  I personally wouldn't get an IUD just because of the risks of affecting my fertitlity.  Just my two cents.  Maybe you could try it for a few months and see how it goes?  If you don't like it, you can always go back and tell your DR it's not working for you.  GL!  HTH!



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  • Sounds like you didn't make any choice at all.  I had constant pain with the nuvaring.  I had atrocious pain with the IUD insertion (and my cramps are much worse at the start of my period), but the majority of the time it's fine.  It depends on your body. 
  • Hmm well I think it really is up to you and your body on if you made the right choice. There are pros and cons to every type of bc out there. I personally have had the mirena IUD for a year now (never have had children) and so far it's been the best bc for me personally. I have previously been on bc pills (which I am not longer allowed on due to my migraine type and weird side effects I had), the shot and the mini pill. All of which have had side effects that were pretty bad and not easy to work around. On the mirena I have not had periods (which I didn't have on the shot either) and I have not really noticed any side effects except a day or two of cramping every few months.

    For me the hardest part was finding a doctor willing to do an IUD because I have never had kids, and it is something to consider the risks (even if they are minimal) if you plan on one day having children, for me that didn't factor in because I don't want children. In the end its really up to you, see how you do with the ring and if you're not happy with it go back in to discuss more options with your doctor and don't let any one (especially your doc) bully you into something you don't want (trust me it has happened to me and I know it's frustrating and hard but they are there to help you and if they are not doing their job look elsewhere)Smile GL!

  • If you feel like you were talked out of it without your doctor going you good reasons, I'd say you should go back and ask for firm reasons why se didn't want to perform the IUD insertion for you. As pp have said, some doctors don't like to do this for nulliparous women. If you *want* the IUD, I'd say find another doctor. The biggest thing is uterine size--it may not be big enough for the Mirena, but acc to my doctor most women have a big enough uterus, and expulsion risk is only slightly higher. 

     I tried several brands of BC pills with mostly-bad results--many of them were too strong and made me feel nauseous all the time, while the low-dose ones left me with joint pain and super tender chest. I was SO worried about the IUD because of these experiences. 

     I have never had children. I had the Mirena inserted three months ago. Insertion hurt for literally three seconds and I cramped mildly afterward. AF is much lighter and aside from getting irritated more easily when PMSing, I have had no side effects. 

    Hope this helps and that whatever you decide, it's something that you're happy with and works well for you! 

  • I decided to get the IUD after our first was born.  I had it in for almost 4 years, before we decided to Try for baby #2.  I got it out June 2011, had a chemical pregnancy in Aug, a Natural Miscarriage in October, and Im in the process of having another Miscarriage, which after weeks of spotting im having a D&C on friday.  

    I loved my iud when I had it, but it took two appts and 3 different doctors to find a remove it. it was horrible.  my best friend who also got it in when i did randomally started her period in aug, and it turned out that it shifted and wasnt working properly. she had it removed, and is 9 weeks pregnant now, our due dates were a week apart! :(

    A girl in my mommy group had to have surgery because hers was embeded. 

    My advice is DO NOT get the IUD.  It will cause you problems, and I honestly believe all my problems are due to that.  


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