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xp:Racism is alive and well

My sister works 3rd shift and was on her way to work tonight when the craziest thing happened. She called me and asked to have my mom call her or come to her job. It turns out when she stopped at a red light this guy came up to her window and started banging on it. He asked if she could go any motherf*ckin slower (was doing the speed limit) and then started saying "McCain/Palin rules", "all black people are going to hell" and "a black man will never run this country." She drove off and he got out again at the next light! She said she tried to stop a police car that was passing but they didn't see her. She ended up losing them and said they were in a new car and only had the "tag applied for" tag.

I don't know why she didn't just pick up her phone and call 911. The police station was just a few streets over. It takes a lot to shake her and my mom said she's really upset. I can't blame her. I was just talking to my other sister and told her he's lucky it wasn't me b/c my bi-polar ass would have snapped on him so fast. One of us would have been dead or in jail. (Believe me-- I slapped a guy in school for using the N word in front of me.)




Re: xp:Racism is alive and well

  • I hate that you sister had to be subjected to such a waste of sperm! I wish she'd thought to call the police.

    My brother was called the N-word a couple weeks ago. He's a loan officer and the guy didn't get the loan so he called my brother an uppity N-word!

    This presidential race, for all the positive, has also reignited a racist cord in a lot of sick, disturbed people. I do, however, believe in karma so they'll get it back...10 fold! 

  • i'm sorry your sister had to deal with an a-hole like that. at least he didn't try and take it further but she really should have called 911

    it's idiots like him that make me glad i'm going to work with animals

  • :( :'(

    omg, that is terrible!! this election has made me so sad b/c i feel like it's brought some of those feelings to the surface in some people. i'm just not used to having to deal with this. i grew up in a large city where i never had to deal with racism. i just wanted this election to be over and everything to die down a little. i think everyone is on edge right now.

  • I am so sorry that happened.  People are really just such a-holes.  And to get out 2 times at a light - I wish she would have called the police.  But, I too believe in karma, and I hope it comes back to those jerks!
  • I'm sorry that happened to your sister.  What an a-hole!  She really should have called 911.  He won't know what hit him when my friend karma gets a hold of him.
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  • OMG! That bastard! I'm so sorry she had to go through that. She was probably to terrified to call the police. I can't believe the nerve of some people, always trying to judge others and thinking they're better than everyone else. That really pisses me off.

    I grew up in a very mixed environment so I never really saw a lot of racial things, but boy did my eyes open when I got older. I can't wait until this election is over and I pray to God that no matter who wins, people will sit there asses down and stop being so damn stupid and pulling race cards!

  • Yeah, karma will bite him. I told my middle sister he's going to be dumb and mess with the wrong person one day. I wish she had called them too but she's young (20) and doesn't  think sometimes.No doubt she'll know know what to do and mom is getting her some mace or something.

  • I'm glad your sister is ok.  Hopefully that idiot gets what he deserves very soon.
  • That is terrible! Some people need to find better things to do w/ their time!!
  • What an idiot!  I'm glad she's ok.
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  • image Leah678:

    I grew up in a very mixed environment so I never really saw a lot of racial things, but boy did my eyes open when I got older. I can't wait until this election is over and I pray to God that no matter who wins, people will sit there asses down and stop being so damn stupid and pulling race cards!

    I completely agree! I think it is so sad that in our world today people still act like this. I'm so sorry your sister had to deal with that.  There is no reason to treat people like that!

    We saw Charlie Murphy at the Comedy Club a few weeks ago and I was truly grateful when he said (paraphrasing) People should not vote by color but vote for the person that you believe is the best.  It He also didn't have negative things to say about either party.  Why we all can't be respectful to each other like that is beyond me!  We are so lucky that we can vote but people treating each other like that is unbelieveable.


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  • This makes me sad. I'm glad your sister is ok though.
  • That is so horrible! I am so sorry she had to deal with that. I can't believe some people act like that.

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  • That is terrible!  But I am glad she is ok.  Who does that?!
  • That is so un called for and sad that there are still ignorant people out there.  I'm so sorry your sister had to experience that. 


  • That is scary. A similar thing happened to me one time, it wasn't race related but it was exactly the same thing and I feel so sorry for your sister. She needs some mace at the very least. While this idiot was definitely a racist I think it goes way beyond that. He's a loose cannon, he's got some screws loose and one day he's going to really hurt someone unless he runs into someone who won't put up with his crazies and can handle him.

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