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One of the more horrific things I've witnessed

I was sitting here home alone watching Tim Gunn's Guide to Style with Sadie. I could hear some kids outside screaming and making noise for a full 5 minutes. So I walk outside to check it out and there are 3-4 kids ages 4-12ish screaming bloody murder and crying hysterically.

Then I realize there is an adult man there grabbing their arms violently and screaming at them and it was so shocking I went inside and grabbed my phone and almost called 911 because I was really scared for these kids.

It turns out they are looking for something: their dog. It was in the street run over and dead. This hit very close to home as just a month ago Sadie got out and crossed this same street and survived with just a scratch. It was horrible. The worst part of this whole situation was that after I could clearly hear the man I found out what he was screaming:

It's all YOUR fault! I hope you're happy! It's just a fucker dog - maybe you learned your lesson!

Oh my God I want to throw up. Or shank that mofo. I am really in shock right now. All I could do was come inside and hug Sadie but I really can't believe a parent could be so insensitive. This could be the first time these kids are experiencing death. It is sick. Sad

Re: One of the more horrific things I've witnessed

  • all i can say is poor kids! Sad
  • I am shocked, sickened, and sad.
  • That's messed up on so many levels.  Sad
  • Whoa.  What a fuckingasshole.  Let's hope those kids aren't traumatized by this for years to come.  Tongue Tied

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  • That's incredibly sad!! What also worries me is that if he's yelling at them like that over their dog dying can you imagine what how he yells at them if they do something wrong?  If they live near you you might want to keep an eye out for them.
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  • Cryingthat is so sad.
    merry everything!

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  • i'm making the ugliest face right now.

    and i agree that you might want to keep your ears open for those kids. if he's yelling like that over the dog.... :(

  • Wow! That's just sad and sick. Sad
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  • Holy crap.

    Poor freakin dog. 

  • i don't even know what to say. ?that's just so awful.

    not to mention, my molly got out yesterday too - and i was frantic for about ten minutes till the little shit came scampering back from way up the street. ?she's an inside dog, and when i couldn't find her right away, i was terrified. ?i was so relieved when she came back.?

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  • Holy shit - what a douche!!!!!! I hate people sometimes. I'm sorry you had to see that, and sorry for the kids too :(
  • Definitely bad, bad, bad, all around. I've never seen them before and they had a car with them so I think they must not live right here.

    Ugh I am still so bothered by it.

  • How disturbing.  Pooooor doggie!  Makes me so sad.

  • Oh Cat, that's just awful.
  • Icky. I hope the fucker makes an appearance tonight! Super Angry
  • That is terrible for so many reasons! I probably would have gone outside and said something to that ***. Maybe even asked the kids if they were OK in front of him so that douche might get a clue. Oh man...I hope karma kicks his ass.
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