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The Bronze Horseman and Tatiana and Alexander (spoiler)

I LOVED the BH and couldn't wait for T&A but I feel like I'm rereading the BH with the second book. I love the chapters about Tatiana in NY. Did anyone else feel like this with the second book?

Re: The Bronze Horseman and Tatiana and Alexander (spoiler)

  • I think there have been several people on the board that felt this way, but I did not.  I felt like in some of the flashbacks in Tatiana and Alexander we were getting a different perspective of some things that have already happened and could now understand them better or see it in a different light.

    I was a so anxious during the scenes of Tatiana in NY.  I was just so worried that something wrong was going to happen.  These books killed me, in a good way though :) 

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  • I loved TBH.  I did not love T&A the same way, but I still really enjoyed it.  I liked the flashbacks to get a slightly different perspective of the events in their lives.  I also liked that new nuggets of information were often slipped in.

    I actually did not like the Tatiana's NY parts as much as I did Alexander's parts during the war.   

    The whole time, I just kept waiting for them to be reunited!  I love this trilogy! 

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  • I actually liked T&A a little better than TBH.  I agree with the PP that I loved the Alexander scenes more than Tatiana's.  I was so emotionally invested after reading TBH that T&A gripped me from page 1.

    I felt the ending was a little rushed.  I was almost let down by such the simplistic ending.  I think I was expecting a more emotional ending like TBH. 

  • See -  I just LOVED getting to be in Alexander's head.. Tatiana was so innocent and everything was the first time and that was so exciting in TBH, but then in Tatiana and Alexander we got to see the same love story from someone who was jaded and hurt. I loved that. :)
  • I felt the same way about T&A.  I didn't really get a lot more out of the extra details.  Also she would occasionally be inconsistent with details from TBH and bothered me a lot.

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