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[Poll] How Long Has It Been?

Re: [Poll] How Long Has It Been?

  • ...and this is brought to you by me asking DH last night if he knew when the last time was and him being very, very wrong.
  • It's been so long that I don't think I even remember how to do it! It's been about a year. This time last year, we were doing IVF so we couldn't do it after my transfer, then I just kept having complications where sex was contraindicated... OHSS, SCH, irritable uterus, growth discordance, twin pregnancy in general... then I had the babies and we weren't allowed to for 6 weeks but even after that, we just don't have the time or the energy. When we finally get the babies to sleep, we are so exhausted that we just want to go to sleep too, especially knowing that we only have a couple of hours, max, before the babies are up again.
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    Our twin boys arrived at 36w5d due to IUGR and a growth discordance
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  • January. Cori sleeps well right now so that's not even an excuse.
  • hahahahahaha

    Though I did promise DH we would start doing it soon now that it's okay if baby comes.  I will have to really psych myself up for that.

    image image
  • We're trying to make a baby, DH has never been happier.
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  • I'm due in 3 weeks.  The last time we did it, it was very uncomfortable cuz of my bump.
  • The baby's movements can be felt outside the body.  It's all she wrote.
    Married in 2008 - DD born in 2010 - EDD 6.15.2012!
  • The day before I got my BFP. :-(

    We really need to have sex.

    Neena Mae. 1/7/10
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  • Last night. If DH had his way, it would have been this morning, too. (Dear DH, if you want to do it in the morning, we need to wake up more than 45 min before I need to walk out the door). 
  • I have to say that this post makes me feel better.  We haven't since before C was born when we were trying to bring on labor naturally.  So going on 6 months... [insert crickets chirping]

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  • image alliapistor:
    I have to say that this post makes me feel better. 

    Me too, it's been nearly a month and I am getting pissy.  When asked DH said  "uh, 2 weeks? I don't know".  Clearly he's the one who is happier to go without.

  • It's mostly just weekends for us, so it was last Friday or Saturday, I don't remember which day.


    TTC #1 since July 2012

  • This post makes me feel better too. I feel bad if we go 2 weeks. I need to show DH this post next time he whines. 
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