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Flight for Ireland $800 did I get a good deal??

I decided to book our airfare today even though our trip is not till October. I have been looking at flights for a few months and the flight I wanted went up to $1000 from $798 in 1 day. There was only one good flight left that would work at $802 so I jumped on it. Longer layover but glad I booked that before all flights skyrocket because of gas. I booked with Orbitz just in case the flight goes down. Seeing all the post the past few days on Europe airfare Im glad mine was only $800. These airfare prices are killing my travel goals

Re: Flight for Ireland $800 did I get a good deal??

  • My husband and I traveled to Ireland last April and spent about $550 a person, round-trip - but that was before prices exploded and in the shoulder season! We're flying to Copenhagen in May for about $750 a person, so I think your price is on par. Just enjoy the fact that it is checked off of your list! :) And, don't keep checking prices...I did and found a lower price one day and it killed me!
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  • There's not much you can do about it now, so don't torture yourself playing that game. I just won't tell you what I paid to go to Ireland in early 2002 when people were still timid about flying. Wink
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  • i think you did well!! flights are WAY up this year. also i'd chooose a longer layover any day-short layovers make me anxious as hell. i'd much rather hang around at an airport and save myself the stress :)
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  • I agree, I think $800 round-trip/person is a good fare. We've paid less, but that was several years ago, before fares started going bananas. If it helps put it in perspective, I found a round-trip fare for $700 to Sweden.

    In November. In the winter, when tourism starts to dip.

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  • Because of my work schedule, we always fly high/peak seasons.  To me, $800pp is a steal for a European flight.  
  • I think that is a great price for October travel. I just went to Ireland in January and paid about $700 for a direct flight. I would expect the airfare in October to be more anyway since January is off season.

    Have a great trip! I really love Ireland. I've been there twice and would love to go back again. Smile

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