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**Charlottesweb & shauni27**


I just wanted to give you an update and tell you we went ahead and booked a house in Quechee for Covered Bridges weekend.  I really wanted to wait and see if the house we stayed in last year would not sell and therefore be available to rent, but when it came down to it, I am a planner, and didn't want to wait that long (owner didn't want to rent until 45 days out from the race) so we went with another house in Quechee Lakes.  It is on Taft Family Road, and I am very excited about it!  I am trying to get my sister to come up with her family and join us for the weekend as well, it was a blast last year.


I hope you both are having  a great winter (or lack thereof) and I am excited to officially start training for June!






Re: **Charlottesweb & shauni27**

  • Yay!

    I'm booked at the Woodstock Inn. As it turns out Dh will be out of town on business, so my sister is coming with me. I'm really excited to have a girls weekend!

    I'm definitely looking forward to it.

    Are you doing the pasta dinner the night before? I usually don't do those things, but I'm unfamiliar with the area and for $15 bucks- why not?

  • I am not doing the pasta dinner, but only because we will be having dinner with most of my Dad's side of the family (my aunt and uncle live just over the NH border.)  I have heard great things about the pasta dinner, so enjoy!  We should definitely try and meet up at some point in the weekend, we can try and find a time as we get closer to the race. 

     You will love the Woodstock Inn, it is beautiful!  The area is pretty easy to navigate, so don't worry. If the course is the same as last year, there will be two great spots for your sister to see you in the town of Woodstock (around miles 3 and 5) and then it's an easy drive to get to the finish line and she should have plenty of time.  Last year, my sister and husband were driving from Woodstock to the finish after seeing me in town, and they could see me running on the road across the river from where they were (I was wearing a really bright shirt.)  So my sister said she is bringing a bull horn this year!

  • Nice. Easy navigation is key for my sister. She gets scared in new places pretty easily.

    Definitely touch base closer to race day and we can meet up. :)

  • I will definitely stay in touch.  We can probably even get my husband and sister to meet up with your sister on race day so she is maybe a little less nervous.


    Good luck with your training!

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